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Friday, August 30, 2013

Aug 30: Civic - left out again

We didn't get this one either. This a hatchback version of one of the original Civics and no, it didn't come to North America. What is it with the Americans and a little less so, with the Canadian aversion to hatchbacks? They are so darn practical and invariably they trump the sedan model for looks. Case in point: the Hyundai Elantra is a great looking sedan, but the GT hatch is a stunner. Check out this red one........

Anyway, back to Honda and my rant. This company has always played it safe with the Civic, but recently that course of action bit them hard and they had to make quick changes to the 2013 model, since the '12 was universally panned. But they don't always play it so safe in other parts of the world. Here is one of their recent hatches....... 

I've seen them in Europe and they look every bit as good in real life. Don't they think that this little beauty would have sold stateside? Obviously not, since we didn't get it either. But now look what Honda is about to unveil at the Frankfurt Auto Show.........

Yes, this is the new Civic Tourer concept. Concept? This means that Honda might never actually release it? Not a chance, this is a very thinly veiled Civic hatch that will be coming to Europe in the very near future. And we won't get this model either.

Forget our aversion to hatches, I believe that this model would really spark up the Civic line. Go big Honda and ship each dealer two or three to test the waters. Heck, ship one representative dealer a dozen and see what happens. Maybe just put a picture of it in the dealerships. Surely there would be interest.

Don't hold your breath, as I don't expect that there will be any experimenting. Sad, but true, we will be left out once again.

Until next time.......

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