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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Thoughts

Let's start with my pet peeve......don't people realize that daytime running lights don't operate their tail lights?? Too many times I have driven behind a car at night with no back lights  -  even pulled along side one at a light to tell them and they looked at me like my spaceship had just landed!

Some interesting US figures from Automotive News courtesy of Car & Driver........
- in 2010 Smart cars' sales dropped 59%! What does that tell us?
- the Prius outsold the Honda Insight by 6.7 times  -  nobody knows Honda sells hybrids?
- the BMW 7 series ($100,000+) outsold the Mitsubishi Gallant ($22,000+)  -  probably similar in Canada when the Gallant was last sold here in 2010.
- Mazda sold about 6370 Miatas, about the number of Camaros sold in December

Great end to the Nascar race in California yesterday with 2 passes for the lead in the last two laps. F1 had a typical race - watch the first few laps and know how the race would end.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

A snowy Spring day in Toronto, well at least it's Spring. Anyone have any thoughts on the front of the new Chrysler 300? Not as "in your face" as the last one, but apparently Chrysler will be offering an optional "old style" grille for those not wanting to fade into the crowd at the shopping centre. National Speed Sport News is the bible for racing news in North America  -  been around since the 30's(?)  -  is now closing. Anything to do with all the online info?
Speaking of publications........AW (AutoWeek) is a great bi-weekly read, check it out online (I don't see it in stores)  - not afraid to say what they think (like Car & Driver). If you like the older stuff, Hemmings has 2 very good publications........Hemmings Classic Car and Hemmings Muscle Car  -  full of interesting stuff. Also Collectible Automobile is a very classy and interesting publication  -  no ads!! I subscribe to all of these (no, I don't have a life). Also like the Saturday Wheels section in the Toronto Star. It has gotten better each year  -  comprehensive, up to date and say what they think  -  well done.
The latest model my cat, Hayley, and I are building is a '57 300C hardtop -  it will be a stunner.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Who would have guessed it!! Lincoln has made #1 on the JD Power survey of 2008 year old vehicles and their dependability since new.......
#2 Porsche
#3 Lexus
#4 Jaguar
#5 Toyota
How many surprises are on this list? It shows that Toyota/Lexus got a bum rap on quality recently  -  their fault was how badly they handled their issues, pretty costly error.  See http://www.jdpower.com/ for full results.

Sad news.....we had to euthanize our little guy cat, Kyle this week. Farewell to a great companion for almost 17 years.

Until next time......

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday notes

Terrible about Japan........have you seen all the new cars ready for shipping that were hit by the tsunami? I don't know the models, but between the damage and the temporary plant closings, this has got to impact us and probably quite quickly. Do you think companies like Ford and VW will benefit from the Japanese shortages?
Funny article in the Saturday Star's Wheels section about the Porsche Panamera by Jeremy Clarkson  -  opinionated? Do fish swim? I also think the Panamera looks strange, but hey, it's a Porsche and they can do no wrong(?). By the way, I know of someone who bought one as a "winter beater". Yes, they do have money and you didn't need to ask. Imagine what they drive in the Summer.
Until next time.......

Friday, March 11, 2011

Misc Ramblings

I follow all sorts of racing but especially like NHRA and NASCAR, speaking of which NASCAR driver Kurt Busch is running a Pro-Stock at Gainesville this weekend  -  this is what you do when you have extra $ and a free weekend? What do you think of the Canadian supercar, the Plethore? It was on The Dragon's Den a few weeks back  -  can they sell enough to make money, can they sell any? Wouldn't you want a "name" on your multi 100 thousand dollar ride? I like seeing what the celebs drive (ie Globe Drive on Fridays), but it drives me nuts to see an article about a 10 year old Mazda  -  "The best car I ever owned  -  what a thrill to drive it! Might look at the new Corolla soon."  -  you have the money, spend it like David Clayton Thomas and his Audi $8.  
Tough time right now, my little 17 year old cat, Kyle (after Kyle Petty), has liver disease and is slowly slipping away. Time heals all wounds?

Until next time.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Geneva and other stuff

How many aging hippies are out there  (I guess if you were a hippy, you would definitely be aging)? Well, VW just might have your new van. The Bulli was shown in Geneva this week  -  where do they get names like that. A Mack truck should be called the Bulli, not some cute as a button mini-mini van. Nothing definite, but that's twice VW has rolled out this little gem, so just maybe.......

Family man, but with the $ and longing for a sportscar? Ferrari's FF is made for you  -  it's a hatchback, so lots of room for camping gear and groceries (oops, I forgot, your wife does the shopping). Unusual style for a Ferrari, but then folks said that about a Porsche suv and also their 4 door. Probably the ideal car for a playboy who never knows where he's spending the night and likes to carry a small suitcase at all times. Nuff said!

Acura is dropping their 2012 TL early......later this month. Acura says it is a redesign  -  yeah right  -  it is a slight change to the TL's controversial front beak. I don't mind the current one, but then again I have one, but taste is in the mouth of the beholder.

Any other car modellers reading this or am I the only only one holding on to their youth (childhood)? My cat and I just finished the '68 Dart Hemi and it looks great  -  would I think otherwise?

Until next time...