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Friday, October 24, 2014

Oct 24: What we are missing

We can't buy the much unloved Tata Nano in Canada, but seriously do we give a dam? Not a chance, after all how many of us would like to be driving our highways in a car, that most likely would fold like an origami sculpture, if hit by anything bigger than a smart car? Those of you, who put up their hands, please seek help. But there are a few cars (probably more than a few), that we just might like to see on our roads. Being an equal opportunity car guy, I've selected a few from different categories that, I find interesting. Start the slide show, please........

The French will have more than one car on my list. I've always like this Citroen DS3. A neat looking little hatchback, that doesn't stick to the standard two box look design, due to its unique B pillar. And it doesn't look just plain weird, like the strange Mini Coupe', with its backwards baseball cap design. Whoever thought that was a good idea?

Or if you are into small, but very practical suv-like styling, then how about Ford's Ecosport........

.......similar in concept to the upcoming Honda HR-V, the Chevy Trax and Buick Encore (why this name, when nothing came before it?). If I was a betting man, I'd say there was a very good chance that, Ford dealers will see this on their lots within a couple of years.

I've shown you this next one once before and for the life of me, I can't figure out why Honda wouldn't drop this Civic Tourer into their North American showrooms asap......

Are we that small wagon adverse that, we wouldn't have this practical little beauty sitting in our driveway? Gee, VW sells lots of Golf wagons, so surely there must be some kind of a market and doesn't Honda have folks worshiping at their altar?

Another small suv for you fans of the breed......

......this one from Renault, the Captur. Strange name, but maybe in French it translates differently (like maybe it means "hostage"). Kinda funky looking, like something that Nissan might sell. Since Renault and Nissan are the same company, that is not surprising. Maybe the Renault designers looked over some shoulders during their last plant tour?

Small and cute (like we don't have enough of those already)........

........I present the Peugeot 108 (top) and the Citroen C3. Puppy dog cute, enough said, so moving right along.......

The French have always been on the quirky side of car design, so why should they change now? Ah, those French........

The C4 Cactus may be a prickly design (my blog, so I can pun as I see fit) to some, but I like its character. Small and endearing like its rival the Kia Soul, the Cactus succeeds in being different in a good way and not by being strange (hey Lexus, you reading this?). Check out that protective side decor  -  no more annoying door dings.

Want to start your own list of cars, vans, suvs or trucks that you'd like to see over here? A couple of options, plan a trip overseas or buy a European car magazine (the cheaper way to go). You'll see interesting stuff, that will never be covered by our North American buff books. May be you can even start a blog?

What are you missing?

Until next time......


  1. Some of those designers have GOT to be drinking their own bath water. That first one is something I'd need a bag over my head so people wouldn't recognize me. The offerings from Citroen, Ford and Renault are appealing enough. I'd want to see if they can actually hold up over here. And I do emphasize that because I've seen some of the offerings from across both ponds that wouldn't make 10K on some of our roads, especially those out west.

    1. George, that is exactly what makes personal opinion so personal. And I thought Toronto had the worse roads in Canada - glad to see that maybe it is not quite true. Appreciate the comment.