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Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21: So what's new?

Back after two and a half weeks in France and yes, it was a great trip. All those French cliches about their love of baguettes and having a glass of wine at their favorite cafe at eight in the morning, are 100% correct. And wonderful. From the people, to the sights and to the food (oh, that food) everything was memorable. And of course, to a car guy, the sights were even better, as so many of their models are never seen in North America. I'll blog about some of my sightings over the next few weeks, but here are some interesting facts......

- Canada'a best selling car, the Honda Civic, is a rare sight in France
- the best selling car in the USA, the Toyota Camry, is not even sold in Europe
- never did see a Honda Accord (their version is what was sold here as the Acura TSX )

Anyway, as I say, more to come, but for today, let's look at some models being introduced around the world that, we probably will never set eyes on in Canada or the US.........

Recognize this one? Sure, it's the new for 2016 Honda Pilot, a full seven seater. Good enough for us, good enough for the world? Not really, as just yesterday Honda unveiled the BR-7, which will be sold in Asia and the Pacific rim countries........

Similar in style to the CR-V and the new, smaller HR-V, but it's Pilot sized. Why not just sell them the Pilot? Very good question, the answer of which, we'll probably never know.

Hyundai sells the Sonata over here and does very well with it. Of course, us North Americans don't get the entire line up due to our extreme love of the (let's hear the cheers) ubiquitous suv. So go to Europe to see this beauty........

Never sell here? Apparently not and if you plan on holding your breath, you'll be long gone and forgotten, before it lands here (relax, it never will). And on the topic of station wagons, shooting brakes or sports tourers, whatever makes you think that you are not driving a wagon, there are many others that, we'll never buy on this side of the Atlantic.......

This is my favorite, the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake (count the times, I've shown it before). Gorgeous in the pic, better in the flesh. When I mentioned this wagon to one of my Mercedes loving colleagues, he argued that it wasn't a station wagon, it was a shooting brake. Yeah, and that's not an apple, it's a pomme.

Not to be left out (but of course, we are), Jaguar is selling the XF wagon in other markets. Hey, if Volvo can try to sell a few wagons stateside, as does Mercedes, how come these other models can't find a home here?

Since today's blog has temporarily evolved into a showing of station wagons missing from our shores, lets continue the theme and also, not leave out Toyota..........

No Camry's in Europe, but they do sell the Avensis. I rented one in Ireland a few years back. Camry size and general look, but definitely not the same car. And not surprisingly, they also market a wagon version, or Sports Touring, as they like to say. Either way, the Europeans, know an interesting and practical version when they see it.

 Enough of the missing wagons? Then how about one more Toyota that won't make its way to our showrooms (and maybe that's not a bad thing), the agressively redesigned 2016 Alphard. Named after_____?

Do we need another van in a shrinking market? Not really, but add all wheel drive, bigger rims and hey, maybe we have a winner?

Now, to finish off this blog, here is a car that I definitely think should find its way to us........ 

This is the home market only Honda S-660. In my eyes, a very junior Lambo look alike, but with style up the wazoo. This little three cylinder, in my opinion could find a happy home in North American Honda showrooms. Will we ever see it? Now, this is a tough one. How much would it cost to Americanize it and once done, could it still be priced where it should be, which I would guess to be no more than around the $25k mark? Thoughts?

Good to be back and to share with you a few other market morsels.

Until next time.........

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