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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept 22: From France with love, part 3

Ah, what is better than a breath taking view of the countryside and if that countryside happens to be Provence, France, then all the better. Great view on a great trip. As I've said before, I love travelling, but the added bonus is the different cars one sees when travelling abroad. Nothing better for a car guy. Well, I know something that comes close. I bake as a hobby (pies, cakes, squares), so a bakery anywhere is a treat. And France is a great place to hunt out a patisserie. But I digress, so back to cars of other places. So, here is this beautiful view, blocked only by the cute as a button, Renault Twingo. I mean, Twingo, how much cuter a name is there? Maybe our Nissan Micra, should have adopted a neat little name like this, instead of sounding like an insect.

But there are better examples of interesting cars, that we don't and I'd guess never will get over here........


.......this is the Peugeot (remember them?) RCZ. Sure, you've run out of names, so call your little sports coupe a few letters. Is imagination a thing of the past? This one looks like the top would retract, but alas, it does not. The RCZ can be had in versions up to 270 HP, which in a small coupe like this, should provide exihilarating performance, while looking pretty good.

Need something a bit more "family" oriented, but still want it to be distinctive? Will this work for you?

Or maybe this one?

There is an interesting story attached to these two cars, the top DS 3 seen in Paris and the DS 5 below in Lyon (by the way, it was 39C that day, so it's a wonder I could hold up my camera). These were formerly Citroens, but in an attempt to create a line of more exciting products and obviously, to sell a few more cars, they were renamed. Back in 2010 Citroen created the DS brand of cars that, were a little funkier looking and were supposed to be more exciting. These cars used to be Citroens, but overnight became DS's. In the future, the DS cars will have only ever been DS's. Sales are nearing half a million since the company's inception, but who knows what they would have sold as Citroen's? Quite good looking in my opinion.

But you like sport utes, so check out this one........

Caught in a Champs Elysees showroom, this Renault Captur (interesting name?) is a small suv that, must be very successful, as I saw them everywhere with their standout colours and two tone paint schemes. Similar in size to the new genre of smaller suvs we are starting to see over here, like the new Honda HR-V and the Mazda CX-3. Very stylish, don't you think?

And what blog would be complete without a people mover or as we call them a van?

Like unusual names? Ok, then you'll like this one, the Picasso by Renault. In my opinion, naming a car after a, well, let's say, strange artist, might say something about that car's styling. You decide. Anyway, this model is a couple of years old. The new one's design is a bit more mainstream.

So there you have it, a brief tour of some of France's more interesting cars. I could have been taking car pics non stop, but hey, remember, I was there as a tourist and had other sights to see.

Being Canadian, I have an acquaintance with the French language, so I picked up this great magazine, which previews all 2016 European models, as well as showing the cars, which the companies sell in other parts of the world. Great resource and very interesting. Never seen it over here, but if anyone does, please let me know.

And finally, when I last mentioned the car below, it had just been introduced about a year ago. Well, based on the number of them that I saw, the unusual Renault Cactus has been a big hit. This is the one with the soft sides, so that door dings are a thing of the past. Another sport cute?

Never a dull moment when you are a car guy in a foreign country, "Sure, I see the Eiffel Tower, but is that a new Twingo?"

Until next time.......

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