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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nov 17: A new trend?

You're the one. You're the one that started this "trend". Well, maybe calling it a trend, might be overstating it a whole lot, especially since the Murano Cross Cabriolet was such a design abomination and a sales disaster. I mean, nothing worked about this Murano with its top chopped off. An idea whose time hadn't yet come?

Well, maybe, since Land Rover is about to unveil its new Evoque cabrio. You know the Evoque? It's their small, but great looking sport ute, available in two or four doors. Unlike the Murano version, where the designers had to delete a couple of doors, the Evoque already had a "coupe" version. So what did they do with it........


Of course, seeing what happened with the Murano, they made it good looking, not an ungainly mess. But what about the idea of a cabrio suv? Who needs it or more importantly, who asked for it? You telling me, focus groups told Nissan and Land Rover that, what their product lines were missing was a good top down version of their popular suv? I wonder.

But saying that, a Califonia company has been dropping the top of suv's for the last few years. Selling them to a select few.........


So, you were wondering how to make your Range Rover or Cayenne stand out? Or maybe, you wanted a convertible and a sport ute, but couldn't afford both? That's actually a dumb question, since for the price of one of these unusual creations, you could probably get a cab and an suv. In case, I've wetted your appetite, look up Newport Convertible Engineering, they'll drop the top of just about anything for anyone. Bring money. Were they ahead of this trend or did they think that, the Murano Cross Cab was a terrific idea.

Let's not blame anyone just yet for coming up with this dumb idea, since Dubai's G Force Performance unveiled their version at last week's Dubai International Motor Show. So what did they take the top off of? Put up your hands, those who immediately said a Yukon XL Denali.

How many hands did I count? Only one? So they must follow the internet car news like I do.

Obviously, I'm not a forward thinker like Nissan was and like these others appear to be. I like to ride bell curve trends at the top of the "bell". No early adopter am I. Speaking of Nissan, I wonder if they are kicking themselves for being a little too early and a lot too ugly?

Now you know about this trend, try to guess who's next to bat?

Until next time..........

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