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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dec 1: Have they all run out of ideas?

If you've read this blog in the past, you'll know how I feel about the new corporate front end of Lexus. Unusual, to put it mildly and undoubtedly inspired by the head of a man's razor. I can envision the designer starting to shave in the morning, looking at his shaver and shouting, "Eureka, why didn't I think of this before?". However it ended up on the front of this Lexus, Remington should demand a royalty.

Ok, so the Lexus grille is questionable in regards to how it looks, but at least it is different and it sure won't be confused with anything else. There are thousands of designers in the world and they probably have millions of ideas, so when this happens, I can't figure out why. What is the "this", I'm referring to?

Well, look at these pics and then we'll discuss them (sounds like being back in school).......


Gee, they sure look alike. The top Hyundai and the bottom Ford couldn't be any closer in their look, than if they were designed by the very same person. Of course, they weren't. The Ford was designed in Michigan and I believe, the Hyundai was designed in California. There must be something in the air.

Not convinced? You think that this was an extreme coincidence? Ok doubter, mull over these shots.......

To the top Ford and the bottom Hyundai, I've added a Subaru. Now, do you think this is still a coincidence? Of course, it is, but with all those ideas bouncing around in the designers' heads, I sure wonder why we have ended up with three manufacturers, coming up with the same signature front end? Remember, these are not "one offs", these will be the new corporate identifiers for the brand.

And in case, you think that I'm seeing things, here are the sedans from Subaru and Hyundai.........

A touch too similar in looks?

One more corporate front end to consider........

Yes, this Audi has similarities, but it came first and it came years before any of these others. So, do we have all those designers expressing their affection for the Audi front and wondering how they could pay homage to it? Maybe so.

So back to my old pal, Lexus. I don't like their front end, but it stands out (unfortunately). It identifies the brand. I know when I see it, that for better or for worse, it is a Lexus. But like my recent blog on nearly identical rear ends, wouldn't you think that, there would be a few other original ideas bouncing around in a few designers' heads. Enough so that those other brands, could have their own unique identifiers?

After all, look at how well the Ford sedan designers achieved a unique front end with which to identify all their cars........

Nicely done, but maybe a bit too close to another car we all know.........

Sure, the Ford is a direct copy of the Aston Martin. Imitation is the sincerest from of flattery, but no one is going to confuse the two brands. Try to say that with those red sport utes or those two sedans pictured above.

And as I say in my title, have they all run out of ideas?

Until next time......

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