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Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 20: Bentley Dreamin'

 Almost look like the same car, don't they? Well a few years back and we don't have to go back near this far, these luxury brands, Bentley and Rolls Royce were identical under the skin. Their skin was also near identical, as you can plainly see in these pics. Those of you with a sharp eye will notice the key and only difference, their classic grilles. The Rolls has the copy of the Greek Parthenon, while the Bentley has a softer raked radiator. Other than that and a very different cache', they were the same.

Fast forward to the early 2000's and due to a corporate slight of hand, these brands ended up in different hands, BMW got Rolls Royce, while VW received Bentley. Now the brands prospered and changed, as each went their separate ways, Rolls to the highest end of the prestige market and Bentley to the lesser expensive (but still very costly) sporting luxury niche, starting with the svelte Continental........

......in both coupe and to die for cabrio models. The new "Hey, look at me" car for moneyed sports stars and other "Hey, look at me" celebrities. Throw on a set of custom rims, so you don't mistake it for the other Bentleys you see, and you are good to go,

Bentley has done very well, with each new model successfully tapping into that segment's automotive desires. Cars like the Mulsanne.......

.....and the slightly smaller and more economical (define this term anyway you want) Flying Spur.........

..........with both broadcasting the sporting, but quiet luxury look, for which Bentley would like to become known.

Backed by the German powerhouse VW (and with no diesel scandals), Bentley continues to offer great cars in several segments of the market. SUV? Of course. Like Porsche has found, nothing is sacred, when it comes to making money. Diversify, diversify, diversify. So, recently Bentley has introduced the Bentayga sport ute. Don't ask me about that name. No one knows what the heck it means, but like some of the other VW nomenclature, it's hard to pronounce and refers to nothing. But boy, does it fit into this scene with its sporting, multi-millionaire owner. His lordship doing something and going somewhere that, I'm guessing, no Bentayga will ever go........

But also, being a Bentley, it can be ordered bespoke. So, for the man who enjoys his solitude, while getting something for his family's table, Mulliner, a long time Rolls and Bentley custom outfitter, offers the ultimate accessory........

If you guessed, a fishing kit you would be partially correct. I say partially, since at $100,000, calling it what it is, seems to lack a certain something. Anyway you look at it or call it, it speaks to that grand old tradition that, one can get anything in their Bentley. Or order it anyway you want.

Anything? How about a colour palette of one hundred and thirty one exterior colours with interesting names like Gazelle, St. James and Silver Tempest? Or pick your own colour, give it an unusual name and Bentley will custom mix it. Same goes for the interior. The twenty four leather shades, again with interesting names - Highland Hare, porpoise and shortbread) don't quite cut it for you? Tell Bentley what does and you shall receive it, along with a healthy upgrade in the price.

What's next to keep this brand rolling?

Someone say hybrid? Of course, but this ain't no Prius. Expect it within the next three years, priced higher than a Continental, sized a little smaller. I doubt a fishing kit will be offered.

Yes, Bentley, you've come a long way..........

..........and and if it wasn't for VW, it's doubtful that, I'd be writing about you today, except in the past tense.

Long live Bentley and the great cars that bare the name.

Vacation alert! Yes, it's that time again (yea!) and my wife and I are headed to Portugal. Cars? Of course, there will be a few, quite a few actually, that are unique to the Continent, so for a car guy, these overseas trips are a treat in more than one way. Back again on August 3rd. Thanks for reading.

Until next time........

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