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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oct 11: 1957 Chevy Bel Air

When building an icon, one has to take particular care to select the right parts and make sure that they all go together well. If one fails to do so, further along in the build process the issues will prevent you from making a great model. In this case, the Car Modeling Cat (CMC) is checking out the parts box to see what we need next. If you've read my blog before, you'll know that the CMC and I work together on all our models.She is a willing helper and fun to have around, unless her fur gets into the paint. Oh well, the problems one has when working with a cat.

The car we just finished is the cherished 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. Cherished, you say? Absolutely. Out of what are called the Tri Five Chevies, 1955 to 1957, the latter is the one that sets the collector car auctions on fire. Even though back in the day, it lost the sales race to Ford, this car has pulled at the heart strings of collectors ever since.

And in a '50's colour combo, it really stands out........

Is it real or Memorex? Our model mimics the real car in the top pic, right down to rear fender skirts, which were wildly popular back in the day. Slap them on and your ride was instantly cool (or so you thought).

From the gold grille and the V8 signifying "V", the '57 Bel Air has ruled the old Chevy world for many years and that shouldn't change any time soon.......

Whether at the local cruise night or on the drag strip, this old Chevy is the one that gets all the attention. Myself and the CMC have built them both, for go and for show......

We all have our favorites and mine has always been the look of the top up convertible and the two door sedan, like the red quarter miler in the pic above and below.......

Ah, the 1950's and the good ol' days of my childhood. Well, let's not start that conversation, since those memories have long since been trumped by the great life that I have now. Moving right along........

I can still remember the week they introduced the '57 Chevy in my blue collar hometown on the east coast of Canada. We hardly ever saw the fancy models, so the local Chevy dealer had a green (I believe) cheap sedan on display at the local Simpson-Sears store and my dad took me to see it. Exciting stuff for a little kid with a car obsession, that he has never managed (or wanted) to grow out of.

Chevies didn't come much cheaper than the One Fifty range and that is the one that stood proudly on display in the middle of the sales floor (don't ask me how they got it there). Thankfully, the CMC and I don't have to resort to those builds and can luxuriate in our renditions of the sportier models.........and subsequently entertain(?) our readers with this trivia.

Next time you happen upon an old car show, check to see if there is a '57 Chevy (you'll find it by the crowd around it).

Until next time......

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