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Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12: The mine is bigger than yours syndrome

 "Is that your big truck fella or are you just happy to see me?"

Mine is bigger than yours!  Remember when a Hummer was a "big" truck and in my eyes, a rather dumb idea for a big truck. Well, take a look at the Hummer now........

 .......not so big anymore, eh? The old Hummer almost seems like a sensibly sized truck, when compared to something like this Canadian built Conquest Knight. What started out as a vehicle specifically for the military (just like the Hummer) or the police has spawned a civilian version for those discerning few. Let's face it, there are times when something this size is a must have. Times such as trying to cut into traffic or getting a "left lane bandit" to move over or simply intimidating the hell out of everyone else on the road. You get the picture. Price? It's the old "if you have to ask" story.

But the Conquest is not the only nut bar big truck one can buy. How about this International.......

Simply take a BIG truck and add a second row of seats and the box from a "small" dually pick-up and viola', you now have the talk of the neighbourhood. Have the guys over, crack open a few brews and watch them drool over your new house sized ride. Nothing better!

Let's not get carried away with assumptions. These trucks are huge, but definitely not for everyone, as we all have varying needs. Say you have a bigger family or have more friends, then this International just won't cut it. So maybe a few more seats like in this super sized Ford?

Yes sir, this one will do the trick. Mine is definitely bigger than yours with this beaut. Pick-up truck practicality along with room for the soccer team. I feel so stupid, when I realize that I'd never have thought of this. By the way, bring a step ladder.

But not everyone wants or needs a gargantuan pick-up, that's why this one has found a few buyers.......

Nothing like a sport utility and in this case this is nothing like a "sporty" utility. Imagine cruising the local mall parking lots looking for just the right sized space. Might as well stay home.

And just how does one power these beasts? Sure, they will definitely have a torque monster diesel under the hood, but even that won't move these hulks at more than a snail's pace. What to do, what to do? One guy had the right idea.........

You got it! Put a jet engine in the pick-up bed. Notice that it is just high enough to avoid cooking those normal folks in the family car behind him. Good thinking.

So if you subscribe to the mine is bigger than yours thinking, what are you going to buy?

Until next time.......

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