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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30: Dream rides?

Just livin' the dream, rollin' over the highways and bi-ways in your very own big rig. Not a care in the world, except maybe the traffic and getting that load to your destination on time. But hey, they are trivialities compared with the power under your right foot, as you look down upon your fellow travelers. Just a dream though. Even if you could afford one, you already have a job, pension(?), etc, so might as well fantasize about something else.

But wait, all is not lost, Lil Big Rigs in Tennessee has the answer to your prayers (assuming you pray for such things). Bring them an older Chev/GMC or Dodge Ram chassis/powertrain and they'll give you back your very own.........

........your very own little big rig. Normally this lady would need a big step ladder to enable her to lean against the top of her Peterbilt's grille, but not anymore. Chose between one of those two iconic trucks, a Kenworth or a Peterbilt and have Lil Big Rigs make you your own dream come true.

Almost cute and oh so manageable around town or easy to park for your gig at the local saloon. Pull up in one of these and you are so much more than the local guitar hero.

So how do they compare in size to one of the big boys?

About 1/2 size, I'd say. Sure beats that old pick-up that was sitting out back without much of a future. Best of all, since these trucklets are built to order, you get to personalize your very own little rig.

Sleeper cab? Custom paint? Wild graphics? The sky is the limit along with your budget. How much you ask? The Lil Kenny averages around $37k, while the more prestigious Lil Pete will set you back close to $50k.

Just imagine pulling into Walmart or your local gun shop with one of these babies. Respect? You'll get it by the truckload. Hit that big ol' air horn, while watching those pipes blow smoke black as coal. If you've thought this out in advance, you'll have made sure that the power plant is a diesel, even if it's a small one. It's all about image, remember?

Drop your little fella off at school in one of these and he'll never be picked on again. Instant respect and you didn't have to be a pistol packin' Momma to pull it off, either.

So go ahead, give Lil Big Rigs a call. Live the dream, cruizin the 'hood in your own personalized, semi honkin', big little truck. Life is good.

Until next time.......

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