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Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14: An unusual combination

So you finally have your dream car, that Corvette you've always wanted, ever since you were a kid in the '50's (yes, there are people that old). Great lines, great handling, great power. Can't get any better than that. Or can it?

Do you think that there is something missing from this design? Do you still yearn for one of those classic Chevies from your youth? But they sure don't handle like your new dream machine and they sure can't match it for power. What to do?

Surely someone must have an answer to this dilemma. And just when you are about to give up hope, you see this vision.........

Wow! Everything you've dreamed about rolled up in a neat, tidy little package. How so you ask? Well, because this is the "789" from N2A (no 2 alike) Motors out of, where else but, that crazy, car mad California. Simply give them your recent Corvette and presto, they take it back to the '50's with design elements from three of your favorite old Chevies. Does it work? Please keep your personal opinions to yourself.

Like it or not, the three designs are integrated into this unusual whole. Let's take a look at where these elements came from........

Front end from the iconic '57........

.......centre section from this '58........

......and finally the wild fins of this '59
Tidily wrapped up in one Corvette sized sportscar. Now, what about the price? Glad you asked. After handing over your late model Vette, you throw in an additional $75k and viola', your composite dream machine will become a reality. And you can bet it will be the only one on your block. Your city?

An unusual combination indeed. Money well spent? Only you know the answer to that particular question.

Until next time.........

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