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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18: Mike Ryan - living on the edge

The Freightliner Cascadia. Nice looking truck, smooth in a trucky kind of way. So what is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this big rig? Do you wonder what it would be like to take it on an extremely curvaceous mountain road and beat the livin' hell out of it? Not surprisingly very few of us would, but there is one person who answered, "Yeah, baby, sign me up!".......Mike Ryan.

Here is a deadly combination. One very pumped up Freightliner Cascadia and one semi crazy, but very talented driver, Mike Ryan. Mike in conjunction with Gale Banks has put an almost 2000 horsepower monster motor in this tractor and he runs it in hill climbs. Hill climbs? Climbs like this one at Pikes Peak, Colorado........

In this race to the clouds, how about a 12.42 mile course (or 20.12 kms if you prefer) up the 14,000+ foot mountain, thru 156 sharp corners with little or no protection from driving off the edge. How quickly can Mike Ryan cover this treacherous run? 12 minutes and 43 seconds! Do the math folks  -  that's about 60 miles per hour up a nutball mountain road in a Freightliner!

Is it safe? Sure it's safe as long as you stay on the road. Not so if you don't, as this driver found out. Wouldn't you rather go flying off the side in a big rig than in a normal (race)car?

All this shows is what I've said many times, if you can dream it, someone will do it and then someone like Mike Ryan will do it better. At the end of this month Mike will head to Pikes Peak for the annual event and once again will try to improve on his record runs without slipping off the edge.

Can he do it? Stay tuned.

Until next time.........

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  1. A truck like this is mostly used for heavy duty task in different industry. Though it might be interesting if it picks up and becomes a sport. There's a following for monster trucks, so why not racing trucks? Haha!

    Jonathan Carol @ Utility Fleet