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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sept 16: Power to burn

Happy Birthday, Dodge!

As I blogged back in July, 2014 is the 100th year that Dodge has been in business. After a year of celebrating, those fun loving folks at Dodge have decided to give back and offer their loyal clientele a new vehicular treat to salivate over for (probably) years to come. Take a closer look at the car on the left..........those with knowledge of drag racing's "golden era" will know that this is a 1970 Dodge Challenger Funny Car. Why show you this? Easy, just look at that long smokey burnout. Power to burn, folks. Back then about 1500 horsepower's worth. A pure race car. Ok, so now take a look at this 2015 Challenger........

This one also has power to burn. Those wild and crazy engineers at Dodge have put a little high octane using bonbon under this Challenger's hood, so that in 2015, we too will be able to replicate those long smokies, that the purpose built race cars did so long ago.

Ah, the pure joy of melting rubber to impress the adoring hoards, as the traffic light turns green in front of that crowded bus stop. What gives? How about a very cool 707 horsepower in a motor appropriately named, "Hellcat". What a sincere way for those Dodge Boys to show their gratitude to us for 100 years of patronage.

The Hellcat Challenger is very simply the least expensive way on the planet earth, to buy a regular production coupe with that much power for so little money. So sad, that you really, really want one, but since you have a family, there is no way that this Challenger is even halfway practical. Well, rejoice folks, as you see what else those folks at Dodge have conjured up with you in mind........

Breathe a sigh of relief, as you now know that you can get that hellacious Hellcat in a full size family sedan. This Charger is the most powerful production sedan on the planet at any price. No more taking a back seat to that snotty neighbour's kid with his (used to be) hot, slammed Civic coupe with the stovepipe exhaust. No sir, you are now the king of your street and more than likely a few others. Christmas has come early.

Set aside a few hundred bucks for tires each year and you are good to go. Show up at church on Sunday with a car guy's or gal's version of the Almighty. Amaze the neighbours as you leave for work in the morning. Sneak off to the drag strip on Sunday, instead of going to that detested gathering with the in-laws. Use your imagination and your Hellcat to add excitement to your formerly humdrum existence.

Yes folks, Dodge has certainly paid us back in full. All hail the Hellcat with its power to burn........

Until next time.......

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