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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sept 23: The perfect solution?

 With the big climate change conference going on in New York city, who wouldn't be thinking of a more responsible way for us to commute and to also travel the countryside? There must be some car out there that would suit everyone, be economical on fuel, while cutting down on all those nasty greenhouse gases. Unfortunately there is the perfect solution. Unfortunately?? Yes, unfortunately, since it was way before its time and is no longer in production.

Eyes left, as you take in the original ad for this very creative solution to many of the world's environmental problems. Of course, but why wasn't this thought of before.......the Peel Trident! Brought to the world in the mid '60's to be a perfect little family car. An answer to a question which at that time, no one was asking. Before you start berating your blogger and saying that this is no solution at all, check out this pics.......

 You can see for yourself how spacious the little Trident is. Only the driver and one passenger? Hey, think outside the box for a moment.......at the low price the Trident would obviously cost, any family could afford several for probably the cost of a family vacation in Mexico. Problem solved, as even the youngest child could be taught to safety handle this 4.2 HP car.

And if you had a few of these, would you really want to drive long distances at a modest top speed of 45 kph (28 mph)? Of course not, so once again fuel savings all around.

Look at this comfort, along with 360 degree sight lines, so no more accidents or at least a lot fewer. Even at top speed, damage to the car and its occupants would be minimal, lowering our very high health care costs. Although it might put a few ambulance chasing lawyers out of business.

Need more choices than just the dear little Trident? Well, here is Peel's sports model, the P50. What a stunner and as you can see, this blue one is all set for a cross country jaunt. What family wouldn't want to drive to grand mother's house in this beauty? They say that getting there is half the fun, well in a Peel, getting there is all the fun, since it would take twice as long. No more of those annoying, "Are we there yet?" questions, since any child would know better.

Parking? Glad you mentioned it. The Trident has no reverse gear, so just hop out and........

 .......you got it, simply position it where you want. Heck, take it into your office and put it in a drawer (hey, let's not be too ridiculous here). And do you notice how happy all these Peel owners appear and with good reason. Life with a Peel car is like a bowl of cherries  -  all good.

Cruising the highways in your P50, fearing no one or any other vehicle. What could be more idyllic?

So readers, picture a world filled with Peel creations. It would be a happier place. More money in our pockets, more oil in the ground, less congestion in our cities, less road rage. Urban utopia? Maybe, but we'll never know, due the genius of the Peel being yet another example of a product way ahead of its time.

Just maybe it's time to head into the future with an idea from the past.

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  1. If we didn't know anything else, maybe cars like this would've been more successful, but having known what we know today, how many of us are willing to trade our modern cars for something like this? I can just imagine getting into a collision with a shopping cart--you'd lose...

  2. Good point, George. I was funnin' of course, but it's amazing how many of these wee cars or ones like them are still found in Europe, primarily in the big cities. They scare the heck out of me.