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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec 16: The perfect gift?

Christmas is next week. So those car lovers among you, who have been stumped for the perfect gift, something with a touch of history, but totally unique, listen up (or at least read this blog). How often does one get the opportunity to buy something for a car obsessed friend that, is unique and you might even say, never goes out of style (this last point is debatable)? Well, readers, I have the best idea for you, all it takes is a generous streak and your problems are solved.

So what am I talking about? The really astute car folks will probably already have guessed what this gift is. The suspense ends, the drum rolls and here it is........

Of course, you are wondering why you didn't think of this. So here is the deal. This is obviously a Checker cab. Originally brought out in 1956 as a purpose built cab  -  tough and roomy in all directions with no nonsense looks. A very good concept. Checker built these cabs from 1956 until 1982, with basically no changes. Available in the standard New York City yellow or as the ad shows in other combos. Purpose built as cabs, as you can see from this assembly line pic.......

But time moved on and the Checker didn't, so they were gradually phased out in favor of less expensive and much more up to date alternatives, such as the ubiquitous Ford Crown Victoria below.......

Checker tried to move into the regular passenger car business, as this ad shows, but with limited success. After all, how many people wanted a very practical, plain Jane car with a design from the 1950's?

So why the gift suggestion? Good question, but someone figured that there was a market for refurbished Checkers. Apparently, somewhere folks were pinning for the good old days of staid designs and poor mileage. That someone is Checker Motor Sales. This company finds relatively low mileage Checkers (they sure wouldn't be old cabs) and makes them like new again. The perfect gift for a car lover stuck back in the 1950's and is unsure how to move forward (slightly). And that car lover, must also have a good friend willing to spend mid $20k's for a unique gift. But would it be appreciated? Now, there is the million dollar question or at least the $24,999 plus tax one.

Many people long for the "good old days", unwilling to realize that we have it pretty good right now. But to bring back something that wasn't so great in its prime, strikes me as rather odd. Why not bring back the VW Beetle, at least it sold really well back in the day? But Checker Motor Cars sums it up in their ad, by saying that owning a Checker can be "........exciting and rewarding." Their words, not mine. And as you know, it takes all kinds.

So, do you take my valuable suggestion and get your car obsessed friend a "new" old Checker or stay with a tried and true, guaranteed to please gift........

You decide.

Until next time......

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  1. I remember getting off the plane in Denver and heading outside to the row of cabs all lined up. I went to the one in front and my friend, who was somewhat of a hayseed, said: 'How old is that thing?' I told him that it was probably brand new. A Checker isn't really my cup of tea but there are others out there who would swoon over one. Myself, if someone wanted to put something really good under my tree, I would love something in the truck market, preferably out of the 30s.