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Friday, December 19, 2014

Dec 19: Santa's new ride

 Ah, the traditional pic of Santa Claus, wending his way across the globe, dropping off his cherished gifts to all the good little boys and girls. But as you all know, I'm a car guy, so I like to think that, I can provide Santa with a much better ride, at least in my imagination. When re-imagining the old sleigh, one has to be practical, since the old fellow has to carry millions of toys in the back. How he gets them in his sack, I have no idea. Do you think that, he keeps shuttling back and forth to the North Pole, whenever he runs out? Or maybe the elves have warehouses strategically placed around the globe? Either way, we put our thinking caps on. The result? My buddy, the Car Modelling Cat (CMC), and I have come up with an idea. Actually, we built Santa's new ride for him.

First off, we had to give this some serious thought. Here is the CMC mulling over the route we would take during the building process, in order to give Santa his ultimate (in our opinion) ride..........

What would work best, keeping in mind that the reindeer were aging and might not be able to pull that old sleigh for too much longer? Anyone who thinks that, we take this on lightly, should think again. Something practical, something fast, something traditional and of course, something red. So with this in mind, we present to you the 2014 Santa Rod...........

Very red and being a panel truck, there is all the room needed for those millions of toys. Speed? Of course, a little magic helps, but it is no doubt aided by a big block, high horsepower motor under that classic hood.

Traditional? Sure, check out that classic wood paneling, carefully and lovingly applied, panel by panel. The CMC leaves this detail work to me, as she dislikes getting paint on her paws (can you blame her?).

What jolly ol' guy wouldn't love to get in this ride on Christmas eve, crank it up and head out, loaded with good cheer and tons of toys? One more thing, it's enclosed, so Santa can keep warm and no more noxious gases coming from the hind quarters of those hard working geriatric reindeer.

 This is just our idea, but to legitimize it, we actually needed to consult ol' St. Nick himself, to see what he would think of his re-imagined Christmas eve ride. After the CMC and I explained the concept, we received this hardy endorsement..........

Now, really, does it get any better than this?

Thank you for reading my blogs over the past year. I hope that you have enjoyed them, as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Now is the time for me to head south for my annual Christmas break, so my Wheel to Wheel blog will be silent until January 5th (somewhere, someone is breathing a sigh of relief). I'll be thinking of you.......

Wherever you are, all the best for the holiday season.

Until January 5th........


  1. While not a fan of hot rods/street rods, I still wouldn't kick one like this out of my collection. Looks like a good cruiser for the entire year, not just Christmas. Good job! Thanks for your posts. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to reading your blogs in January.

    1. George....Happy New Year and thank you for your comments. All the best in '15.