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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feb 23: Yikes, it's AG Excalibur!

Hide your children! Keep back 500 yards! Don't turn your back on it!

The BMW X6. Not a great looking car in most people's opinion, but enough folks bought it, so that Mercedes has created their own much better looking competitor. But no, my initial remarks are not about the X6, as BMW originally designed it. No, something much worse has reared its very ugly head.


Yes, my friends, this is one of the scariest designs to come down the pike in many a year. It has a name, the EG Alligator. An ugly duckling, custom redesign of the strange X6, but done in such as away as to make the Bimmer seem like a gorgeous swan (I couldn't think of a reptilian analogy). Bur wait, there's more to this creation than meets the eye.......


Yes, the Alligator wears its name well, since the interior surfaces, every single one, are textured to resemble some part of an alligator's hide. Check out that steering wheel and that dashboard. Becoming, don't you think? I'd be proud if I were a 'gator, but offended if I were BMW.

So, who is responsible for this abberation? This transformation from unpleasant to just plain scary. From awful to hideous. To find this person/company, one has to travel to Lithuania and look for AG Excalibur. A company that takes customization to the extreme end of bad taste. Reminds me of California's Barris Customs, about which I blogged not long ago. Lithuania used to be behind the Iron Curtain. Well, maybe if this is what they are doing that, curtain should never have been raised.

You think maybe I'm taking one bad example and colouring the entire company? Ok, fair enough, but let's look at what else they've done. The Mercedes CL500 is a classic design. Simple and elegant.

Could it be improved upon? No doubt, but let's see AG Excalibur's take on the CL........

Wow! Now, that's some transformation and to top it off, the owner of AG Excalibur is proud enough of it to stand behind it, or in this case in front of it.......

And, if you think that those unique design elements stop at the exterior, think again, my friends......


.......those crystal buttons and switches are pure Swarovski Crystal. No cheap knock offs for this company. And in case you forget who created this abomination, they've thoughtfully embroidered their name on the headrests. Check out that headliner.

So, let's get this straight right now, you will be noticed in this car. Don't go running around on your spouse, thinking that folks will see just another red car. Think Mercedes is pleased?

You can start your letter writing to AG Excalibur immediately. Depending on your point of view, you can either berate them or contract them to create your own very personal ride. Remember money is just an object.

Until next time.........

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