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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26: China - a little bit longer, please!

I loved my Cadillac ATS. Sure, there was very little room in the back seat, but, hey, I was never back there and in the run of a year, it might have been used half a dozen times. No big deal, right? Except, when someone actually did want to sit back there, it was going to be very cramped, unless it was one of my vertically challenged friends. What I wouldn't have given for a few more inches. How many, you ask? Well, even a measly four inches, would have helped. How about it Cadillac, any chance of this happening?

Well, wouldn't you know it, my prayers have been answered.........

Note that front identification plate......ATS-L. No folks, this image has not been photo shopped, now there actually is an ATS-L. Of course, the caveat to this, is that our Chinese friends will be the only people to experience that extra back seat room (four inches to be exact). Back seat room is very important in China, since quite a few cars are chauffeur driven and if Cadillac wants to sell the ATS, then it has to be the ATS-L.
Will we ever get this car in North America? One should never say never, but I think in this case you can.

There must be other cars in this same situation. So, you've figured out the topic of today's blog. Recognize this one?

This is the latest BMW X1, but it's different than what we see in Toronto, since this is, you guessed it, the Xl-L. It's all about that extra back seat room.

And how about Audi's volume model, the A4? Notice anything different in this pic?

How about that extended wheelbase, which makes this (wait for it).........the A4-L. Gosh, will this ever stop?

The Beijing Auto Show is this week's big car event and if you don't think the market in China is ultra important, just check out all the new model intros and I'm not talking about those swanky and sultry looking females, who are draped over every new car.........

Yes, I agree, nothing says "Jeep", like a model dressed in just about enough leather to make a small pair of gloves.

Anyway, enough of the human eye candy, let's get back to the topic at hand. Who else might benefit from that large back seat? The VW Passat doesn't need a stretched model, since VW is huge in China and the recent Passats were initially designed with this market in mind. Check out their back seat, it is enormous.

Even the new Mercedes E Class, is relatively spacious, but not quite enough, since at Beijing, the brand new 2017 E Class was unveiled to the world, as was an ultra luxurious LWB (long wheelbase model)........

Did I say, ultra luxurious? I think I did. Get the idea, this model is going to be sold as a mini Maybach? I believe that the purple mood lighting is an option (seriously).

Who needs an S Class?

But if you prefer old British charm (you should probably look elsewhere) with your luxury, then the now Indian owned Jaguar, has added an L version to their newly revamped XF line.........

Of course, this was also introduced at the Beijing show. Now, do you understand the importance of that market?

Let's conclude today's look at what we can't buy in North America, but one that just might end up here, if you can pry loose one of their extremely exclusive (50) stretch models, before it is air freighted to China...... 

From Bentley's bespoke line (meaning, you pay for it, they'll make it for you), comes their new stretched sedan. Huge back seat, of course, with just enough room for that special companion. No hanky panky going on here unless, of course, you are dating a Cirque du Soleil performer. But what an impression you'll make on her (or him).

Back to reality. Want a huge back seat? Buy a Passat. Want your back seat in one of the cars shown here, then move to China. You could do worse and imagine the great dim sum you will feast on.

Until next time.....

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