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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 5: Another new ride

Just like my blog, almost exactly three years ago to the day, when I showed off my new ride, it is that time again. This pic shows the 2009 Acura TL with its replacement, my 2013 Cadillac ATS. Both great rides in their way. The ATS was a departure for me, in that it was the smallest car I had ever had, with maybe the exception of a Corvette, from back in the day. Size wasn't really an issue, as it had tons of room for the driver and hardly anyone ever sat in the back seat. Trunk space? Ok for one set of clubs and a cart, but hey, my wife's little trucklette had tons of room, so it became our golf cart.

The ATS was a very nice car, with all the nice little touches one would expect in a Cadillac. But the SR has most of these, plus a few more, like the air conditioned front seats and a couple of extra safety features. Caddy problems? Sure it had a few, but some might have been caused by a 35 kph run in I had with a curb a year ago, which did all sorts of underneath damage, including snapping the drive shaft and breaking off the front wheel to the tune of $8k. That was not a good tune. Oh well, these things happen.

Anyway, flash forward a year and it's time for a new ride. A few items mitigated against getting another ATS.......the monthly payments had risen dramatically, I really wanted something a bit bigger and I really liked this new car's design. So, like in 2013, I have a pic of the cars going and coming........

This is a '16 Maxima SR. What is that? The SR is the so called performance version of the new for 2016 Maxima. It's the only one with specific rims and only one with 19's. The suspension is quite racy, it has paddle shifters and the quilted leather seats and steering wheel have Alcantara (a suede like material) inserts with blue stitching. All round, it is a very nice package. One strange thing about this car, as it is the performance model, Nissan chose not to offer it with a sunroof, even as an option. That was rectified by one of our local aftermarket suppliers. Unlike a lot of folks, I use my sunroof frequently in lieu of the A/C, even on those stinking hot Toronto summer days (I keep remembering January). Dark tinted windows top off "the look".

Interesting colour, Coulis Red.......


......as it gets considerably brighter and redder in the sun, but when cloudy, it assumes a burgundy shade. Either way, I like it. Coulis? A thick sauce made from pureed vegetables. Who would have thought of naming a colour after some veggies? Am I missing something?

Nissan has given the Maxima a strange ride over the years. Initially, it was a well thought of Accord/Camry competitor, but it was more of a sports sedan, to which the buff books gave good reviews. Over time the Altima took over the Max's position as their Accord/Camry fighter. This pushed the Maxima into the entry level luxury area, but without the cache' of a BMW, Audi, etc. It was even competing with Nissan's own luxury entry, the Infiniti G series. Well, for 2016, it's still high priced, but Nissan has given the SR, at least, some real balls. Just read any review and they'll say this car tracks like a champ. But will it sell?

A polarizing design for sure. One of my buddies at the gym, referred to it as the Batmobile (no, that would be flat black).

Of course, I don't mind standing out and I really like the "attitude" my SR seems to have. So far, very pleased with my choice, of course, who isn't after just one week? Well, being in the business, I have stories about that (for another time).

For now, let's ride!

Until next time........

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  1. That Cadillac ATS is an awesome looking bit of engineering. Nice choice, and I am sure you will love it! I really like the color you chose, the red is a great one for that saloon car. It for sure has an attitude which appeals to me. Hope that you'll enjoy your new car!

    Stan @ Jim O'Neal Ford