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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sept 13: Coming colours?

Anything come to mind when looking at this Buick brochure from way back in 1961? Ok, so while you are thinking about that, consider this.......

5 blacks
2 silvers
2 greys
2 whites

Now do you get my line of thought? Give up? The Buick brochure is full of colour. Matter of fact, you could order your plush new ride in one of over twenty(!) colours. All different, many bright. The list above is the colour palette of a 2017 Mercedes S Class. Before you get too down on Benz, they also offer two blues and one green (go wild, will ya fellas). Sure, I know that things change over the years, but folks, we may be seeing a slight shift back to those colour palettes of the easy, breezy 1960's (at least until the Vietnam war got into full swing). Listen up......

Here's another colour chart from later in that decade. Name your colour and and more than likely you could get your new ride painted in that becoming shade (even if it wasn't). Note, only one black, one silver and one grey. Now you're talking. They sure knew how to pick 'em. So, why do I think things may be changing?

Everything filters down from above. In the case of cars, what is first available on the expensive vehicles, eventually becomes common place on the lowest models in the line. A few examples........air conditioning, power windows, back up camera and GPS. Remember when only the hottest supercars came in flat or satin black or lime green or whatever. That trend is now filtering down to less expensive models, but thank goodness it hasn't yet become common place. Ever try to wax a flat finish? Well, don't.

Check out this current Bentley colour palette..........

.....or this one from Ferrari......

You'd have to be blind not to notice the brighter shades appearing on these top end models. The next step is usually, that the more fashionable models in a less costly car line get the bright colour treatment. Case in point, this line up of recent Camaro colours.......
See, there are a few more bright shades, certainly a lot more than what would be showing up on an Impala. I know, I know, you are saying that the bright "in your face" colours suit the sportier models, but remember, there was a time when even the plain vanilla family sedan could be ordered in those bright shades. So why not have this trend filter down to the mainstream sedans or, nowadays, suvs? Think they wouldn't suit an suv? Think again, when you look at the 2017 Ford F-150 colour chart below.......

Good enough for a real truck, then why not good enough for an Edge or an Explorer? Truth of the matter is that, we are seeing more of these brighter shades on those vehicles. Kind of like putting your toe in the water to see how cold it is before committing your whole body.

Another sign that the bright colours are on the rise again, is this colour palette that Dodge has just unveiled for their 2017 Charger. A flash back to the '60's for sure. Even with those catchy names......Go MangoTorred, Green Go, or Maximum Steel (ok, not a bright one, but a great name)

Am I dreaming? Maybe just wishful thinking or is there a real trend starting here and in a couple of years your bud will drive up in a bright yellow Honda Accord or a Pilot? Or, will it still be just the guy with the Porsche next door, that will get to experience the delight (or scorn) of having a brighter than bright, robin's egg blue cabrio?

Will we all be able to break out and live this colourful dream?

Until next time......

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