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Friday, September 2, 2016

Sept 2: Finally Porsche!

P-O-R-S-C-H-E. Say the word and the room goes quiet. Everyone is listening to hear what is going to be said about the world's and everywhere else's favorite sportscar. Yeah, maybe this is an exaggeration, but ever hear anything bad about this car? Sure, there was the original Turbo that could kill you, if you lifted, while in the midst of a corner, taken just a little bit too aggressively (look it up). But 99.99% of the time, this iconic car is put on a pedestal for all of us mere mortals to bow down before. It can't be perfect, can it? Where might it fall down? Well, this is a personal opinion (aren't they all?), but Porsche has produced some stinkers when it comes to looks. Let's take a look........

If you are wondering what you are supposed to be looking at, it's those ugly lights on the red Turbo. Just ask any Porsche owner, which recent model that they would shun and almost without exception, they'll point to the one with those ugly headlights. Nothing like the simple beauty of the later model below. Look, I understand, when you are tasked with redesigning the same car for fifty years, making it different while making it look the same, it's hard not to slip into mediocrity once in awhile.

Now with apologies to my friend and Targa owner, Keith, the next model that assaults my senses is the original Targa........

.......which anyone can see is frumpy and upright. The current generation below it, is drop dead gorgeous and to me out shines the iconic coupe in looks. It took those Porsche designers quite a while to get this one right, but the wait was worth it.

When Porsche decided they needed an suv (a very smart decision), they unveiled the Cayenne to almost unniversal dismay. Witness the gasps of horror or whatever, from the motoring press, when the wrap was taken off of this frog in the top pic........

Once again, the second time around proved the charm, as the current model looks great. Interesting that they sure nailed it with the new Macan (lesson learned?).

One thing to keep in mind through all of this ranting, is that Porsche sales have never suffered, even with these questionable efforts. But as a friend once said, it doesn't cost any more to design a good looking car, so why design an ugly one? Good point. But looking at those sales, why bother? Hey fellas, ever heard of something called pride?

Next up..........one of Porsche's biggest successes has been the atrocious Panamera........

This misbegotten design of a car, humpback and all, has unfortunately been with us for the past several years. I cringe every time I see one. Put the proud Porsche name on an ugly duckling and the sales make it a beautiful swan. But it is still that ugly duckling. Stay tuned folks, because Porsche is just about ready to right this visual wrong.........

This is the next Panamera, that should reach Porsche showrooms in the very near future. Every bit as good looking as the 911 coupe, this is the way the original should have come out of the designers' oven. Can't wait to see this car on the streets shaming the misbegotten original. If there is any justice, the used car lots should be filled with the original Panameras within the year. Or just send them all to the crusher, since they were/are such an affront to good design taste. 

So there you have it. Porsche can't do anything wrong, but as I've shown you, they do plenty wrong visually. Too bad those design misfits were such good handling cars, if they weren't, then we'd really have something to rant about.

Until next time........

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