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Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17: A green day

Nothing says happy St. Patrick's Day like a lovely green card with a vintage Buick LeSabre on it, green of course. For those amongst you who send out Saint Paddy's Day cards (does anyone?), this might be one to consider for next year for all your car buff friends. How to celebrate this unusual day? Unusual, since I've never quite figured out why this particular country gets its own day, when folks celebrate by drinking a green beverage, wearing a bit of green or dying their city's river green (Chicago, I'm talking to you).

Ok, so let's give into the need for green and see how a car guy or gal can celebrate this auspicious(?) occasion. Let's go extreme first.......

We all know that if you have a smart car, at some time you must dress it up. I believe this is actually written into the sales contract. And proof must be sent back to the Fatherland. Now this little smart costume must have taken a while to plan and probably longer to execute. Cover car with dirt, plant grass seed, water liberally and wait until after March 17th, before you mow it. Brilliant. Why is it you never see Buicks or BMW's being this creative. Might it have to do with good taste?

Moving right along to crass commercialism........

This money wise sponsor, decided that they must appeal to the Irish and for the race weekend closest to the 17th, show up at the track with a St. Paddy's Day themed ride. Could it have anything to do with the driver's last name being Patrick? Now, there is your insightful question for the day.

Back to the future with this string of DeLoreans or is it back to the past?

Either way, a few green bits, a green t-shirt and a nattily attired teddy bear all say, I'm in the spirit and so is my famous car. Just by luck this driver found a few other like minded owners. Strange but true.

Another car that is always destined to be dressed up for these special occasions is the good old VW Beetle. One way or another, they will always find their way into the local parade......

And as luck would have it, this one also happens to be green. Just how Irish can one be?

And now for the ultimate St. Patrick's Day ride and it doesn't even have to be painted green or decorated.....

The real and the first Irish car, the Shamrock, not that pretender the DeLorean. Show up at your local pub on the 17th in one of these and I'll guarantee you won't buy a drink all day. A couple of interesting background facts about this rarety.......only ten were built and the left over parts were dumped into a lake. Must have been before recyling.

I hope that these car ideas for St. Paddy's Day are not too late for you create your own breath taking ride. The local dollar store should be able to provide all the high quality decor you'll need to tranform your pride and joy.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day and remember to go green.

Until next time.......

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