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Friday, March 24, 2017

March 24: A unique delivery

Hands up, who doesn't like pizza and who doesn't like sitting back at home waiting for their cheese and tomato pie to arrive, bubbling hot from the oven? And now hands up, who is a touch disappointed, when their pizza arrives, slightly less than hot and and far from bubbly? Of course, the answer to all of the above is all of us. Yeah, those beat up old Corollas and worse yet, motorbikes with those dumb back rack carriers, just don't cut it when we want that fresh from the oven goodness.

Other methods are also, not exactly efficient, but all are worth checking out.........

If this converted lowrider VW van even made it to your home, it would be a miracle, regardless of how hot or chilled its package was. Yes sir, this one is a no go from the get go. And this fleet of lovely(?) Toyota hybrids aren't much better.......

Great to save gas on your deliveries, but any hybrid benefits from careful driving, not those mad dashes from the pizza oven to your home. So, unfortunately this method, while good for the pizza shop owner, just won't work for the end eater - you and me!

What else might be worth considering?

I actually think this might work, but I was distraught to read that it was the shop owner's personal ride and not the hoped for delivery machine of my dreams. Nix this one as well.

So, why not a drone? These days they are being used to deliver everything from books to bombs.......

........but any sharp eyed observer, will see right away, that there is not an insulated wrap around the pie, so all that air rushing by this speedy delivery conveyance negates the main reason for using a drone. Back to the drawing board.

The guys behind the Domino's Pizza chain have been mulling over this dilemma for years. Economical delivery vehicles have been key from the start, but as we all know, unless you live next door to the oven, that age old problem of luke warm pizza pie persists. Still, Domino's has had an interesting assortment of delivery vehicles........

What to do, what to do?

Finally, those bright souls at Domino's came up with the obvious solution. So obvious, that no one else has thought of it before.......

 Now we're talking and what a great idea. Take one economical Chevy Spark and build a real pizza oven into the back seat. Make it accessable to the driver from the outside of the car and quicker than a Donald Trump tweet, one gets a really hot pizza. No fake news here.

And to top it off, I bet this things smells wonderful, as it cruises the biways to your abode. Nothing but good feelings and added sales for the folks at Domino's. Talk about a terrific marketing tool. And for a car guy or gal, an interesting vehicle to look over, while chowing down on their favorite toppings. But be careful, that pizza is HOT!

So there you have it........a problem proposed and a problem solved and it only took sixty years!

Vacation alert.......it's that time again, when those overseas countries beckon, so there will be no blogging from yours truly, as he trips around Greece. Back on April 11th with (hopefully) interesting new insights.

Until next time........

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