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Friday, April 21, 2017

April 21: New Jeep Wagoneer?

Here it is in all its glory, the new for 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Wagoneer, just introduced at this week's Shanghai Auto Show. Yes sir, this is the BIG Jeep that the suv lovin' world has been waiting for with anticipation bordering on rabid. Rumoured for so long and now thewraps are off.

Now, before any of you rush off to your local Jeep dealer, deposit money in hand, asking them about this new model, of which they will have no idea (naturally), let me give you a few more very important details. Yes, this concept is of a seven passenger Jeep and yes, there have been rumours of a new Wagoneer for some time now, and yes, this one will definitely be built. But this Jeep Yuntu (another interesting name) will be a China only model. So we are told. China only? Wasn't too long ago that wording would bring a chuckle or two.

Look at its design language........

From the front to the back, it is right in line with the very latest models from this somewhat revered brand. For example, check out the look of this new Compass.......

You can definitely see the family resemblance, as you can with the Renegade and the Cherokee. So putting two and two together and coming up with five, I think the Yuntu concept has a good shot of giving us a preview of the next Grand Cherokee scheduled for a couple of years from now. And possibly, a preview of the much anticapted and longed for Wagoneer.

Remember the last one? Of course you do.......

It left the scene with not too many tears shed, but as we all know, these days everyone worships at the shrine of the suv and those ancient twenty five year old memories are all good ones. In the Wagoneer's case they must be terrific, since any one in good condition sells for the same or more than it did back in the day. There is at least one company stateside, that specializes in reconditioning these old beasts of burden.

Curious to know how this whole Jeep station wagon thing started? Glad you asked.......

And from those humble beginnings arose the brand, that is probaby as well known worldwide today as is Coca-Cola, hence the Yuntu's intro at the Shanghai Auto Show. Now, all we have to do is wait and see whether my prediction about the styling is bang on or me talking thru my hat. Aw, by the time the new models come out, you'll have forgotten about this blog anyway.

Until next time......

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