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Friday, April 28, 2017

April 28: Who will be first?

Who will be first? Ever since the car was invented, there have been accidents and I even think it's been documented about who crashed the very first one. Now there's something to put on your resume. Nowadays with millions of accidents under our belts, there is no special prize for having the first one, but, and this is where I begin to wonder, if there is a prize or something most of us don't know about. Why?

Simple. Pick any hot new car and there seems to be a race to see who gets it into its first major accident. The next race is to see who can go viral with a pic of that bonehead's faux pas. Don't believe me? Let me present this first photo as exhibit #1.......

Those of you with a sharp eye, will see that this is what remains of a brand spanking new Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio gently rolled in North or South Carolina recently. It was also recently sold at a salvage auction, so I guess someone really wanted those chrome exhaust tips. Lord knows, nothing else is undamaged.

Exhibit #2........

Another brand new model and another major shunt, this time to a still rare Acura NSX. So, what do we have here? $50k worth of damage or am I light by a ton? Either way, there must be a secret society, whose members can afford to purchase these high powered rides and compete amongst themselves to see who can go viral with the first big hit.

Exhibit #3.......

Yes, a shiny, new Lambo, that a society member in Russia demolished shortly after it introduction. Now, let's be clear, the rules obviously state that the member has to live thru the accident in order to qualify. To die in the attempt to be the first, defeats the whole idea of being embarassed virally.

Exhibit #4.........

This one was a tie. Two members with million dollar La Ferrari's went viral at almost the same time. What to do in case of a tie? Good question, as the rules aren't exactly clear on this point. Maybe the precise way the car crashed might affect the judging or how many people were there to view your stupid move. Worth looking into.

Exhibit #5.......

No question in my mind that this was the prize winner, as the lucky owner actually managed to separate the front and back of his Lambo and still walk away with their passenger. Exiting cooly thru those scissor doors, shaking off that annoying airbag dust, as they calmly chat with the witnesses. Bonus points for aplomb.

So my friends, you are no doubt wishing you had the coin to join this exclusive club, but demolishing your new Hyundai wouldn't even go viral in your own 'hood.

Question of the day? What new model will be the next one to show up on CarScoops? If we are taking bets, put mine on the ultra rare and new Ford GT........

So far the only action is this stop for speeding and they were test vehicles, so they don't count. But, even as you read this blog, someone, somewhere is planning their big moment in this supercar and praying that there will be enough cell phones handy to capture the result.

Stay tuned.

Until next time......

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