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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17: Flying Cars - our future?

Now how do you like this idea..........we drop into our local dealer and pick up our new flying car. What a great concept, no longer tied to earth and its highways and biways. It won't be long now, since the new Terrafugia Transition has just been unveiled at the New York Auto Show.......

Can you just picture the whole family (or maybe a very small whole family) crowding into this beaut for a jaunt to the local theatre or up to the cottage? No longer worrying about the OPP speed traps or those long end of the weekend line ups. Of course, the fact that the wings create a huge blind spot when it is earth bound or that it only fits two folks and a cooler shouldn't be too much of an issue. Right?

Check out the cover of this July, 1957 Popular Mechanics mag. They figured, like many others in the '50's, that this type of transportation was just around the corner or at least in the very futuristic 1980's. Or how about these real life examples.......

I find it's hard enough to see cars around me on one level, so can you imagine what it would be like with them coming at you from all sides as well as above and below? Now there is a nightmare scene worth envisioning. Carnage on the highways would be nothing like the carnage in the skies. "Death from above" like what was written on those choppers in the film Apocalypse Now

The flying car is so wrong and dumb on so many levels that it defies logic (even mine). Lousy car, lousy plane. So why do these idiots keep coming up with them? The everyday world is not like a James Bond flick  -  remember the flying Matador?

Let's agree to stick with cars that fly on the road (love those big motors) and leave the skies to the pros.

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  1. Blind spot from wings? Flying DeLoreans don't have wings, and they'll be available in 2015 according to Doc Brown :-)

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