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Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27: What's in a name - Chrysler 300C

What's in a name? This is the 1955 Chrysler 300B. Chrysler has used the 300 nameplate followed by a letter off and on for the past 57 years. The '55 B was the first in this series of coupes and sometimes convertibles, that always had the biggest motor available. In 1957 Chrysler called their 300 the C, which sort of became an iconic letter, even though the series continued until the L in 1965. Note the yearly letter change.
300C good enough to be on a stamp

The 1965 300 L

So what is in a name? Obviously a lot, since Chrysler brought back the 300 name a few different times, but didn't really get serious about it (in my opinion) until they introduced the 300 C again in 2005.......

This "in your face" car was the top model in the line up of new 300's and as such carried the C designation and also the new revived Hemi V8. The public's reaction was overwhelming and this became the car to have. Mine was black with deep tint glass (a very common addition), but many more buyers added a Bentley like grille. Decked out like this, the 300 C looked pretty menacing, like the gangster Ed Harris's black C in A History of Violence. This was just one of many starring roles for this car.

In 2012, the 300 C has a more refined look, a slightly more powerful motor and in Europe is also being sold as the Lancia Thema.........

They should have named this the Thema C! Probably wouldn't have had the same meaning, since I believe it carries a diesel on the Continent.

What's in a name? Plenty if a company uses it successfully for over 50 years thru almost three generations.

Until next time.......

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