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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24: Lada Tears?

Recognize this car? This is the Fiat 124, a well respected small sedan that was introduced in Italy in 1966. Recognize this car..........

No, it's not the same car, well not really, but really it is, but not quite. Got it? This is the Russian Lada that was built in the USSR from 1970 until Monday, April 16th,2012 (talk about being precise). After the 124 had its successful run in the free world, the dies were transferred to Russia and with help from Fiat, the 124 was reborn as the Lada or maybe as the Polski Fiat (below). Also in 1985, it was introduced as the Premier in India.

We even got to buy the Lada in Canada for awhile before folks realized that even at a "give away price", they were still not good cars (junk?). For the Iron Curtain countries though, compared to what they had been used to, this was a great improvement. Basic transportation with room for the family.

Once the Curtain came down, things changed rapidly and the western car companies started making and selling new and much better cars in those previously restricted countries. No longer did they have to make due with bad cars or western hand me downs. Even the good old Lada had to change........

.......like this updated version shows. Well, it didn't change too much, new headlights and a more formal grille. All things must come to an end eventually (for example Dick Clark), so after 30 years, the ex 124 Lada reached the end of its production life. Not a bad record, 46 years combined as a Fiat and a Lada, and many millions sold. Will the collector car auctions of the future treat this car with respect and high bids? Unlikely, but the old 124/Lada still has a longevity record to be proud of.

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  1. at least it should be easy to find parts :-)

  2. Production of 2101 model started in 1970, not in 1982. I was 25 at that time and could only dream about... Mike

    1. Don't know how I missed that 12 years, appreciate your correction. Blog has been corrected.