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Friday, August 17, 2012

Aug 17: Dodge Charger - then until now

Big, bold, powerful and in your face  -  this is the 2013 Dodge Charger SRT8. Well over four hundred rip snorting horses to propel you down the highway or simply to do a smoke show on your street. There was some controversy when Dodge brought back the Charger name in the mid 2000's, as many thought it should have been a 2 door coupe. Or at least a 4 door with more styling cues harking back to the Charger's glory days. The latest restyle has answered some of those complaints, still a sedan but really, who cares. Dodge was wise to do what they did.

How did the original come to be?

This was the concept (called "dream cars" back in the day) that started it all. Shown in 1965, it was followed by an almost identical 1966 production car, sure, bumpers were added, but the rest was bang on.

And it had the neatest interior with 4 bucket seats, separated by a full console running front to back. No getting in the back seat with your date in this car!

This was followed in 1968 by the car that really made the Charger's reputation. My brother's was dark green with a 383 four barrel backed up with (I believe) a Hurst shifter. Pretty quick with loads of torque. And that sound when the full four barrels cut in  -  heavenly. The movie "Bullitt" with Steve McQueen, helped to cement this car's bad boy reputation (check out the chase scene on youtube  -  time very well wasted).
This slightly risque ad says it all

Next came the '71 version version, just as the big engines were in their dying days. These big and powerful machines slowly morphed into person luxury cars. You can see the difference below between the red '71 and the new for '75.......

This 1975 shared the Chrysler Cordoba body, both personal luxury cars with no pretensions of being a factory hot rod like the original was just 9 years before. Times changed, the cars changed and the Charger drifted away to be replaced by the Magnum. It was resurrected again the '80's, but as they say, the less said about that one, the better.

Back to the present day. A new Charger with lots more power that the original ever dreamed about. Quicker, faster with much better handling. Who said the good old days actually were?

Until next time........

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  1. My grandfather had a green '73 brougham with a white roof and interior. I saw one just like it at the Barrie flea market in 1995 and nearly bought it with my tuition (yes, it was only $2000 and in excellent shape). In retrospect, I should've bought the car and borrowed for tuition.

    Oh, and I have a story for the next time we meet: remind me to tell you about the Chrysler dealer in Burlington who allegedly only sold SRTs and nothing else.