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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aug 28: Super Stupid Stretch Limos

Something not quite right about this pic? Aren't Lambo's supposed to be a touch shorter and better proportioned? Of course they are, but this is just one example of how dumb the stretch limo business has become. It's bad enough to add 10 or 15 feet or more to a Lincoln or a Rolls, but why spoil a beauty like this Ferrari......

Or even something like this Mini.......

Is nothing sacred to these super stretch limo builders? How does one even get into these things without going thru Circ de Soleil like contortions? Is this the answer.......

Sure, just open up the gullwing door and crawl elegantly to the back seat. Pull up to a special event and be the hit of everyone's cell phone camera as you stumble out of your classy(?) ride.

I feel like taking a rocket launcher to these monstrosities whenever I see one, but some creative builder now has that covered. Behold the Armour Horse Vault XXL (I'm not kidding, that's its name).........

Can you imagine the need for something like this? Fully armoured against all attackers, complete with gun ports. Apparently it even has a stripper pole built in. Of course, that I can understand. Why go out to a strip joint, when you can arrange for one to come to you? Finally, a great idea for a super, stupid stretch limo!

Anyone have any other pics they'd like to share? Just send them via stretch limo.

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  1. All of those sport car stretches look terrible, and you're right - you wouldn't even be able to move in them.

    When I was 15, I saw (and absolutely had to hire for a short ride) a stretch K-car taxi while in Florida. It wasn't a super-stretch, but it was probably built to hold tourists and their luggage.

    I guess they had to choose between the stretch job OR the Town Car, and chose the former.

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