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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aug 21: Armoured Cars

Ever been in one of those situations where you really needed an armoured car or suv? Feeling vulnerable because you're stuck in traffic and you've just given someone the finger for cutting you off? Yeah, I know exactly how you feel and we wouldn't be the first people to feel that way.

And sometimes armour just isn't enough. The top pic is an armoured 1921 Packard belonging to a Manchurian warlord in the 1920's. A little extra security was necessary, hence the machine gun for the guard riding "shotgun" (as noted by Chris Ritter in Hemmings Classic Car). Now wouldn't that be a nice addition to your Smart car? No more Mr Nice Guy!

Other armoured cars have been slightly less blatant, such as this Cadillac by that upstanding citizen of Chicago, Al Capone........

Not sure the occasion, but whatever it was, Big Al's crew felt it necessary to display some serious firepower. You don't use a machine gun for blueberry picking. This car had enforced doors, bullet proof glass and added gun ports for those times when getting out of the car was just a bit too risky.

Not sure you'll ever see too many examples quite like these two, but armouring vehicles these days is big business. Most are rather discretely done, but if you know what you are looking for you can spot them. Probably not too many in Toronto, but Mexico City is over run with them  -  mostly blacked out Surburbans, I suspect.

 Like this one, which is quite noticeably done over. Check out the wheels and tires (bullet proof and bigger to carry the load). Also note the black framed window glass  -  usually a giveaway that the windows are extra thick and bullet proof.

Laura Bush gets out of a presidential limo, which you can plainly see has bank vault doors designed to protect an unpopular pres. Reportedly, this car has a NASCAR type motor to pull this super heavy weight along at speed.

How well does this stuff work? Well it won't stop most rocket launchers (the president's limo will), but this pic gives you an idea of how protective it can be..........

Think that only the top execs and political leaders are looking for some extra coverage these days? Well, think again as you look at this pic.........

Ford offers options 65C and 65E on their Police Interceptor sedans, which is armour for the front doors. Never know when someone is going to take a shot at you as you drive thru the hood.
So next time you are sitting in traffic wondering how to protect yourself against your own indiscretions, consider some armour.

Until next time.........

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