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Friday, December 14, 2012

Dec 14: Dream car - BMW Gran Coupe

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Yes, sir, that is exactly who is doing the designing at BMW these days. How else can you explain the gawd awful design of the GT and then across the showroom floor you see the stunning new Gran Coupe (there's that misnomer again).......

How does it get any better than this beauty? Well, how about a little tweaking to make it the just announced powerhouse M........

Either way, this is a great design, but going back to the GT, what the heck happened? How could the same studio produce this abomination? And this is not a one off misstep for BMW.....consider the X6 (I can't even show a pic, it is so nauseating) or the strangely fronted X1 and X3. And even the upcoming 2014 3 series GT is questionable.

This new Gran Coupe is a continuation of the gorgeous new 645 (real) coupe and cabrio.........

Usually the two door is the line's contest winner, but in this case, you could make a good argument for the Gran Coupe being the beauty queen. If one had the money, how about all three in the driveway? Now that is ridiculous, but a cool fantasy none the less (what - the car or the coin?).

So back to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. We can only hope that the former wins out and purges the terrifying Mr. Hyde from the BMW design studios. I'll keep you posted.

Until next time......

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