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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dec 11: Too similar?

2013 Honda Accord

2013 Hyundai Genesis
 The all new Accord.......well all new to Honda, but when I first saw it, I thought that it had a very familiar rear end (just like that girl I remember from high school). Viola! It came to me, it was the Hyundai Genesis rear all over again. The good thing is that they are both quite attractive, but it brings up the thought  -  why do they have to be similar at all? There are so many good designers and so many good design elements, why do cars have to be so similar? Look, I go back aways, back to a time, when no car looked like another. Now so many of the cars want to look like BMW's  -  check out the back roof line (the C pillar) design on most new cars.

A couple of other note worthy new designs came to mind..........

Honda Civic
.......and the Kia Forte.......

Look closely......check out the headlights, the back lights, that C pillar and the line on the lower body side. Even the wheels are similar. Who was sneaking around somebody else's design studio? Want the look of the Civic, but with a longer warranty, then get the Kia.

Lexus has a new signature grille, different and somewhat controversial, but at least it is unique to Lexus. But wait is it?
2013 Lexus ES350

2013 Altima
Seems to me that the Nissan Altima has stolen some of the Lexus' thunder or at least one of their design elements. Actually, the Altima front end, to me anyway, is more attractive.

Too similar? I sure think so with all of these new designs. You can find more more examples, but to my mind, these are three of the more blatant. And once again the question is, why? Aren't their designers paid enough? With this in mind are there any other designs that you can think of?

Until next time.......

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