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Friday, December 21, 2012

Dec 21: My next car - decisions, decisions

2009 Acura TL SH-AWD
Being a car guy, I'm usually thinking about my next car shortly after getting a new one. Like most common folk, there is only so much money to go around, so I settle on day dreaming between my new arrivals, which are usually every 3-4 years (term of my leases). Actually, I don't mind this at all, since I like my cars and enjoy the time that I have with them. But now I'm less than four months away from the end of my current lease and since I order my cars, I'll have to decide by the end of January. Decisions, decisions.

I currently drive a Acura TL SH-AWD similar to the pic above, but with the "mandatory" deep tinted glass. It is black with the umber interior  -  a very striking combo that you either love or hate. Lots of power and super handling (just read the reviews). So what to get next? My prerequisites are.......

- lots of front seat leg room since I'm 6'5"
- great handling
- good power
- good looks
- cache' (at least in my mind)
- must fit my budget

.........and not necessarily in that order.

I always have a very short list, so here is what is currently on mine.......

300C, but has to be the Hemi

Audi A4  -  tubo, generally low on power

Cadillac CTS - ticks all the boxes, but about to be redone

Cadillac ATS - interesting new competitor
Those are the nominees and they are all rather different from one another. The Chrysler is your traditional American iron, but it handles well with the Benz E class chassis and it has gobs of power. Before the TL, I had one and that car was super fast. The A4 goes well with the turbo, but power is low for stoplight to stoplight runs. I've always liked the CTS and this design is great looking, even if it is being redone for 2014. The new kid is the ATS, a real BMW 3 series competitor. Its V6 has huge power, but the 4 cylinder is intriguing and very quick.

Cars that fall into this area, but I don't give a minute's thought are the Infiniti G37 (great car, but it's been around too long), BMW 328i (another great car, but not a fan) and the Mercedes C class (can't afford the C63, so it's a no go).

Something to think about over the holidays. What would you suggest???

Savor this blog, since it's my last one until January 8th. Even avid car bloggers need a rest.

Have a happy holiday season and thank you for faithfully reading, I'm now over 70,000 hits. Kinda cool.

Until January 8th......

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