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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jan 24: Mercedes-Benz - Little Sister

There she is, the original Mercedes-Benz CLS "coupe" (sedan?). In my opinion one of the best looking cars ever and from a company that up until the last decade, was very good at designing cars that generally had all the style and trimmings of a tank. Whatever happened at Mercedes was definitely for the better, since then every Benz has been "styled". Give me a CLS 55 and I'll be a happy car guy.

Next up, the CLS redesign wasn't quite as lovely, more brawn than beauty.......

.........but still a strikingly handsome car. Make mine a CLS 63 and I'm good to go (and very, very quickly).

So what does Benz do for an encore? How about downsizing this 4 door "coupe" into the soon to be released CLA.......

How downsized? Good question and I think you'll be surprised at the answer. This new model is slated to be introduced in Fall 2013 and will fit into the Benz line just below the C class.

Not bad, eh? I've heard figures like $29,995 to start in Canada, which means a loaded one should still come in under $40k. In my books this is still a bargain for this shrunken beauty. And better still, they plan a CLA 45 performance edition that will have a tire smoking 350 HP. A road rocket for sure.

I think we should all give thanks to the mighty Mercedes-Benz for letting even us common folks be able to possess a gorgeous design like this without having to talk our way into our wealthy friend's will before offing them.

Dream on and save those quarters.

Until next time.......

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