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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8: Barry's 1st car

Way back in '68 my big brother picked up his new 1968 Charger and in an act of kindness he gave me his  '61 Chev Impala convertible. Sure it was 7 years old, a bit rusty around the edges (like all even recent old cars back then), but it was a convertible and I was in my second year of university  -  any car would have been a bonus. That old Impala gave me and my buddies some neat trips.

This is exactly how it looked in its light metallic brown finish (better to hide the rust). Even in cold and foggy old Saint John, New Brunswick, I managed to put the top down. Nothing better for a young stud (my term, but probably not reality). So that brings me to my Christmas holiday model building...... 

As you can see I built two '61 Impala's  -  a white coupe and a red convertible. I tried to do a brown one like the one I had, but couldn't find a suitable colour match. No problem as most seemed to be either red or white back in the day, like this actual car below........

Of course, if you've visited this blog before, you'll know what is coming next. You'll know that I don't build these models by myself. You'll know that the Car Modelling Cat has her paw in each and every model.......

Truly an amazing little furball!

Until next time.......

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