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Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18: Detroit Auto Show - my opinion

My humble opinion? Well, maybe not humble, but I do have some strong opinions about the intros this week at the North American International Auto Show - the Detroit Auto Show. Detroit is no longer the hub of the auto world, but its show is still one of the top three in the world, based on new intros and press coverage. Lots of new stuff, but I'm highlighting five that I think are quite important to their brands. I'm skipping the new Corvette, since I covered that on Tuesday. So, let's get started.........

What was the most important new intro? Well, it was just a concept car, but here is the Furia (read the background sign)........

And why is a lowly Toyota Corolla concept so important? That's easy, the Corolla is the world's best selling car, so naturally any new design is important. The current Corolla is ancient by car standards and dead boring (boring sells in this case), but this new design direction looks very interesting. Sure, one has to throttle back on the great looking wheels and other trim bits, but the basic shape is rather daring (for Toyota).

Next up is the redesigned 2014 Acura MDX........

One of the most popular suv's and very, very important to Acura's success. The current model is a real gas hog, but a very good selling one, so any improvement in that direction will be a big step. The styling is evolutionary, which in this case is not a bad thing.

Another big seller for its brand is the Infiniti G37, so naturally any change in this rather old model will be important. I think that the G supports the Infiniti line, as I don't see many M's on the road and a dwindling number of EX, FX and QX's. In a stroke of marketing genius or desperation, all the new Infiniti's will be "Q's" or "QX's". I'm sure there won't be any confusion with all the Audi Q's (yeah, right). Were there no other letters available? Anyway, take a look at the new Q50.......

Forget about the colour, as it's just the lighting. I really liked the G37x and might be driving one if it had more room, so this one with a bigger interior should rectify that issue. But it comes out too late (this Summer) and I've already ordered my next car.

This is the next Lexus IS250. Important because Lexus is trying to reinvent itself with more drivers' cars. The IS has been capable, but has anyone bought one? I get lots of clients looking at the Infiniti G, the Audi A4, the BMW 3 series or the Benz C class, but I can't remember the last time I was asked to price out an IS. This new one looks interesting, once you get past that awful cheese grater/electric razor grille and it's a little bigger all around. Another contender?

And finally a concept truck, the Ford Atlas.......

Important? You bet, since the F-150 is the best selling truck in North America and a big $ maker for Ford. The Atlas previews the 2015 redo. Nothing drastic, just evolutionary and tougher looking. Everything that the pick-up buyer wants.

I'm going to try to get to Detroit next week weather permitting. Lots of other stuff to see and drool over and the displays are usually worth the trip. If I go, I'll post some pics.

Until next time........

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