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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb 19: The CMC and a Thunderbird

Ah, the Ford Thunderbird.

At one time it was everyone's favorite ride, star of songs and movies.It went from being a hot two seater to being a very sporty four seater and eventually came back again in the early 2000's as a homage to the original two seater. But in between, the Thunderbird morphed into a big luxury cruiser, that was about as sporty as a UPS truck with flames (and yes, I have seen a UPS van like that - it actually looked pretty good).

One of those in between "boats" was the '71..........

......which brings us to the point of today's post. I don't think this version sold worth a dam, since you hardly ever see them at shows or even saw them back in the day. But I liked them (there's no accounting for taste), so I was delighted when they recently released a model of this luxo barge. And here is how it ended up, once the Car Modeling Cat and I finished it........

Pretty good representation of the real car, if I do say so myself. Sure, in real life this T-Bird couldn't handle worth a dam, but its big 428 cubic inch motor would move it right along. I always liked the swoop of the roof line and I could even get past the beak at the front (more or less a copy of a '68 or '69 Pontiac). If I had the money back then would I have bought one? Not a chance. But I like the model.

My helper as always was the Car Modeling Cat........

Shown here finishing up the interior and checking out our next move in the instructions. Always the willing helper. And oh so smart.

Sometimes those big luxury boats are fun.......in model form!

Until next time.........


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