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Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3: Rad Rides by Troy

"Custom" has a couple of meanings, but in my blog it can only mean one thing. Please read on.......
Troy Trepanier and some of his work
A real "Car Guy" is interested in just about anything with four (or more?) wheels, hence the "Wheel to Wheel" name of this blog. Always been interested in custom cars, but to a point -  I don't like the super wild, questionable taste works of art(?), never have. But today's focus is on a subtler approach. Every generation has had their pre-eminent customizer, one who stands out. Currently there are two who are at the top of their game  -  Chip Foose and Troy Trepanier. The later from Illinois, has been creating for the past 25 years. Take a look at his "Sniper".......

Hard to tell exactly how this beaut started life, but it was actually an early '50's Dodge or Plymouth, that has been massaged into the 21st century. Great body and to move it, how about a Viper motor? Saw it at a Toronto show a few years back and it looks just as good today.


Unlike the Sniper, Trepanier's cars are usually recognizable, but they have been subtely massaged on the surface. What's happening underneath? Now that's a whole other story  -  possibly a Corvette suspension, definitely a huge motor. So the subtely ends with the body. Even a plain Jane old Chevy sedan, looks like a thing of beauty when it is transformed into Chicayne.

Troy's cars have even been made into toys, like this Johnny Lighting "Rumbler". Funny that they would show the original and then produce a blue model. A pricing issue? Who would ever think of doing a makeover on an innocent little Rambler?

Or this Buick.........

Looks stock, but look closely. Easy to see that it's lowered, but check out those custom wheels, which hint at a re-done suspension and we haven't opened the hood yet. An old car updated and moderized.

By the way, nothing is sacroscant..........

Toyota asked Trepanier to come up with a Camry concept for the show circuit, viola, the "Cam Rod". You know that someone, somewhere is cruising their hood with a similar ride - who knows, maybe they saw Troy's work before tackling their own project.

And finally we finish off with the award winning "First Love". Subtle and beautiful. Price? Don't ask, but you should expect to pay way over $500k (and people do).

Nothing on the showroom floor that catches your eye and you have the big bucks to commission something exciting? Well then, give Troy Trepanier a blank cheque and then sit back and watch it happen. Be a hit on your Summer drives.

Until next time.......

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