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Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24: Pick-up trucks and evolution

Remember the old days when pick-up trucks like the one above were used almost exclusively for their ultility? Of course, you don't, since that was eons ago. Over time the traditional American pick-up has evolved into a "statement" vehicle, you know, you drive one to show that you are a real man. Now you can get every conceivable feature in one of these "work" trucks. How about the Ford we just sold for $75K! Now that was equipped. But, hey this is my blog, and I talk performance.

As these trucks became personal statements, it made sense to do a muscle truck, so Chevy obliged.......

In the early '90's they made the powerful (for the day) 454 SS with, now get this, 230 HP! Sounds like four cylinder power these days, but twenty years ago, it was a strong performer. And with a light pick-up truck back end, these babies would smoke for miles. But things evolve........

.........and around 2000, Ford introduced the Lightening (for the second time). Power was up to 380 hp and this thing would fly. I think I saw once that one hit 154 miles/hour or if you prefer, 246 kms/hour. That's pushing a lot of air, as these pick-ups aren't exactly low aero. But again things evolve and they get even better, behold this toy from Dodge........

Burn down those tires, baby! Tough and mean with a V10 Viper motor putting out over 500 HP  -  now that is making a statement. I remember seeing one in England back in 2005 and thinking there goes real money, after all the price of gas on that island was similar to that of gold. Thumb your nose at those environmentalists.

See a problem here? Of course you do. These hot rod trucks only carry a couple of people and if you have an extended cab, maybe four. Hard to impress your fans one or two or three at a time. The solution? Call the friendly folks at Hennessey Performance (1-979-885-1302). These Texas tuners have taken this type of truck one step further. The already potent Ford Raptor was the starting point for their eight seater........

.......the Hennessey Velociraptor. All Hennessey did was add a closed back to this four door and viola', instant suv. Well almost, they also went under the hood and added a 600 HP monster motor. Now you can load up all your friends (and with a truck like this, you'll have quite a few) and show them what it can do. Price? If you have to ask......... My guess is they are already packaging up a few to ship to the Middle East. Just a wild guess.

From a workaday vehicle to hell on wheels, what a way to go! Show up at Home Depot in one of these and smoke across the parking lot as you leave (and leave quite a impression over and above the tire marks).

Evolution. Don't you just love it?

Until next time........

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