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Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9: Dubai what are you thinking?

Dubai what are you thinking?

It's only money? Sometimes you just have to shake your head when you see how some people spend their money. In this case, the "some people" is the government of Dubai.

Ever pity the poor police officers who have to ride around Dubai in cruisers like this one.........

.........a fairly quick, but quite common Dodge Charger Hemi Pursuit. But Dubai is wealthy beyond the dreams of mere mortal cities, so surely something a little better than this Charger is in order. So let's start with this Camaro SS.........

Sure, that's more like it. Quick and stylish. Perfect for a city that has money to burn. Still not good enough for the folks in Dubai, well ok, then try this one on for size.......

Almost absolutely perfect. A nice and relatively unassuming Bentley Continental. Quick and stylish and expensive  -  roughly the price of six Chargers. Can't let the citizens down, when they expect so much of their local constabulary. But is this fast Bentley really fast enough? What to do, what to do?

Sure, a Mercedes-Benz SLS. Make an impression on those crooks, as you bound out from under those gullwing doors to make your arrest. But hey, Dubai has $ to burn and we are only talking about police cruisers that are around $200k Canadian. Come on, show some imagination.

A Ferrari FF. Again, almost absolutely perfect. The FF is very practical with that hatchback design, so all the police gear is easily stowed. Now you are talking real money in around the $350k mark. But if Dubai has a Ferrari, shouldn't they also be trying out a Lambo? Yessir, no question about about it.........

A shining new Aventador should do the trick nicely. Now Dubai is showing real class and very good use of their citizens' money. Forget the fact that you could give all the citizens their very own police cars with what these babies cost. Money to burn remember? Still some left in the bank? Ok, let's try one more time.......

Finally, a car for the chief? A relatively uncommon (77 worldwide) Aston Martin One 77, approximate cost $1.4 million -  roughly the price of 40 Chargers  -  now we're talking, baby. Don't ever let it be said that Dubai doesn't know how to spend their money.

Absolutely nuts! Just because you can Dubai, should you? Not saying your $ can save the world, but surely there has to be a better way to piss away your oil money than with good blog material (and for that I thank you).

Dubai what are you thinking?

Until next time.......

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