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Friday, October 11, 2013

Oct 11: Turkey Time

 Canadian Thanksgiving and all we think about is turkey. Well to this car guy, when I think of a turkey, there are a few cars that come to mind. Seems appropriate that with this blog, just before our turkey time, that we should give a look at a few of the cars that your blogger thinks are true turkeys  -  no light or dark meat, just all bad metal.

Now styling is a personal thing, but I pride myself on having excellent taste, so you can take today's comments to the bank. And these cars sure do rock bad taste.

Don't believe me? Well let's start with this gobbler........

.......the poor old Pontiac Aztek. Such an easy target to ridicule and such a turkey. Wonder who was at the other end of the pencil, when this thing was being drawn? Think that maybe everyone was given a section to design and they never, ever talked to each other? Sure looks that way.

What the hey? What in the world is this creation? Ever been to Europe, well if you have you've seen these Fiat Multipla's all over the place. Rampant bad taste in a design that defies description. Back, front, side  -  whichever way you look at this Fiat it is strange. Miss Congeniality maybe, but it'll never win the contest outright.

Let's go way back in time to the late '50's, when this one off safety car was unveiled........

Of course, it was a safety car, since no one would go anywhere near it. I'm can't be sure of this, but I think it was designed by a priest. If so, God help us!

Get the carving knife ready because here comes the AMC Pacer. Brought out at a time of the mid '70's gas shortages, so its size and economy were welcomed and at first folks didn't seem to mind the Pacer's unorthodox design. Economy? Yeah right! Although smaller in length, this thing was way wide and heavy and thirsty. Created for a demand of which there wasn't any  -  a smaller gas guzzling car. Great concept.

Now if you read this blog from time to time, you'll know that I take the occasional shot at BMW's designs (well heck, they're an easy target), but nothing they've done has come close to this Z3 whatever. I never thought that the original Z3 cabrio was much of a looker, but adding the rear hatch doomed it to turkey status for all time.

So let's finish off this blog, with what must be the ugliest gobbler that ever graced the highways. Its picture is bad enough, but trust me (I'm in car sales, so you know you can), in person it is a world apart and not in any good way. Behold, the Marcos Mantis 2+2........

How in the world could Marcos ever step back and say, the world needs this car? Were they hiring the visually impaired as designers?

Ok, now that you've seen my selections, what are yours? If I get a good response, maybe there is a Halloween Scariest Cars blog.

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey (the edible kind, of course).

Until next time........

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