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Friday, October 25, 2013

Oct 25: Rappers rejoice!

Once upon a time things were very different. Once upon a time a Cadillac was the epitome of good taste and wealth. Want to make an impression when you showed up? Then there was only one choice when it came to the wheels you arrived in or were seen in. Well, as you know things have changed. Way back then this was the way to roll........

Cadillac Fleetwood
Showing up in anything less was unthinkable. But as I said things have changed. In the late '90's Caddy introduced their first Escalade, which was a mildly tarted up GMC Denali, which was itself a tarted up Yukon. The Escalade was GM's answer to the Lincoln Navigator, which had beat it to market by a couple of years. Quick, throw a Cadillac grille and nameplate on the Denali and viola', a (hopefully) strong competitor. Now this is where things got interesting.

You can't make "cool". What is cool is cool and it's determined by the so called "cool" people. Well, in the case of the Escalade, those cool folks were the rappers and those rappers absolutely loved the Escalade. It became the must have vehicle and definitely the one to be seen in. So suddenly the passe' Cadillac was back in vogue (at least in the case of this giant sport utility). Originally just available in a shorter length, when it was redesigned in 2001, it came in three models  -  the original length, the longer ESV and the unusual EXT.

A Caddy pick-up? For whatever reason, it was deemed necessary and was part of the line until the present day.

So the rappers' choice also became the actors' and actresses' ride of choice. From there all the beautiful and wealthy people had to have an Escalade. Folks who would never have thought of owning a Cadillac or any American car for that matter, had to have an Escalade in their garage (along with their Benz, BMW or Ferrari). Who would ever have thought it?

So rappers and others get ready and get your orders in asap, as Cadillac has just shown their all new (and I really mean all new) 2015 Escalade.........

No getting it mixed up with anything else. When that front end shows up, folks know it's a Caddy. One with in your face presence. One which the cool people will continue to flock to as their ride of choice.

Cadillac now has a stable of other worthy vehicles with which to fight their very capable competition, but who would ever have thought that a truck would have saved the brand?

Until next time......

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