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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct 29: The CMC's latest venture

I can hear you saying it, "Enough already, we've been reading all about your interests, but what has the CMC (Car Modeling Cat) been up to lately?" I've begun to think that my own blogs are simply filler, until I can regale you with the CMC's exploits. Well, you just might be correct. So what has the furry little modeler been up to?

Those of you among the readers, who have a few more years under their belts might recognize that the CMC is working on a 1962 Chrysler. This was a milestone year for this car, since it was the first year that it was shorn of its fins, only a year later than the rest of the industry. Even then it was a chop job, that retained the rest of the '61 design, but simply had a finless back end grafted on. My industrious little friend has done a very good job in recreating this behemoth, as you can see from the following pics........

All the right details, so that this model looks exactly like a much smaller version of the actual car, which you can see in this picture of a real 300's front end........

Not a bad likeness. Or from the back.......

As you can see the CMC really captures the look and feel of this old classic. Not at all bad for a furry little creature with paws. But of course, you all know that I lend a hand where necessary.

We like the oldies, but if you've read my blog for awhile, you know that our modeling tastes range from the '50's to the present day, after all I am a true car guy.

What's next? Stay tuned to this bi-weekly blog.

Until next time.......

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