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Friday, November 22, 2013

Nov 22: The Kennedy Lincoln

No surprise that on November 22nd, I would blog about one of the most famous dates in recent history or least about the car involved. I can't think of another event where the car played such a pivotal role and itself has become so famous  -  the Kennedy Lincoln.

Unfortunately (at least in this instance), John F. Kennedy loved his convertibles and from an early age had one and as much as possible drove with the top down.

Kennedy wanted the people to see him and a convertible offered a perfect way to do it. His presidential Lincoln limo had a bubble top, but it was left off much of the time. Actually, it wouldn't have given much protection anyway, since it wasn't bullet proof (at least not then). As the clips of the assassination got played over and over again, this Lincoln became more and more well known. Now you can even buy a diecast replica of it.......

Of course, I have it along with models of many of the other presidential limos. But what is interesting with this 1961 Continental, White House number SS 100-X, is that after the Kennedy killing, it was armoured and fitted with a bullet proof top........

.........and was still used by subsequent presidents, until its ultimate retirement in 1977. Strange that they would see fit to use this death car again. Normally, I'd expect this limo to be taken out of service immediately. Would you want to sit where a past president was murdered?

So where is it now?

The Henry Ford Museum, just outside of Detroit. Probably one of their more popular exhibits, since we always seem to be drawn to the macabre. By the way, the Henry Ford is worth a visit, since it is one of the great automobile museums.

So 50 years later, we still mourn Kennedy, wonder what actually happened that day in Dallas and also wonder what might have been. And many of us look at that SS 100-X and think, what a neat car.

Until next time........

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