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Friday, November 29, 2013

Nov 29: New Sheriff in town, part 2 (the CMC's version)

If this is not your first time reading my blog, then you know how I like police cars and you also know that my friend, the Car Modeling Cat (CMC) and I have built our fair share of small squad cars. On the left sits our most recent build, a county sheriff's car circa 1957 from somewhere in California. We usually like our replicas to be agency specific, but in this case the old Ford is generic (so sue me!).

When the '57 Ford Custom 300 model was recently released, I knew it would be ideal as a police car. In the old days, most of these vehicles were the least expense two doors that the city, county or state/province could buy with the addition of a big motor, at least for the non-city patrols. If you had a better pic of the rear end, you'd notice dual exhausts, meaning a big engined car set up for pursuit work. In contrast to this city unit, with a smaller motor..........

This one is an accurate depiction of a Tijuana, Mexico patrol car, even down to the slightly beat up look with no hubcaps, a common sight around Mexican cities. And with just enough room for a couple of drug lords in the back seat, at least until their bribe money arrived.

I've been building models for years and these two new additions will fit right in to my police car section, a few of which you can see in this pic. By the way, the '70 Ford in the upper right, shows the hideous gold/blue/cream colours of the older Saint John, New Brunswick units (my old hometown).

As always, I have to give credit where credit is due and none of this would happen without the able assistance of the CMC.......

Not afraid to sniff a bit of glue in the pursuit of a great model, although I do have to watch her around those sharp knives - hard to hold with her paws. One more shot of that fictitious county patrol car.........

.........can't you almost hear the siren?

Until next time.......

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