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Friday, November 8, 2013

Nov 8: Let's go crazy - SEMA 2013

SEMA. The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers' Association. Saying that they hold a trade show in Las Vegas every Fall is like saying John Force drives a car on a drag strip. Neither statement gives you any conception of the reality. Started several years ago, the SEMA Show has grown into a car lovers extravaganza with over 2500 exhibitors taking up about 2 million square feet of space. But the most important thing to a car guy, is that there are over 1500 cars on display with various types of modifications. From mild to nutbar it is fun to see what will be unveiled. SEMA has become so popular and influential, that many manufacturers use this venue to unveil future models. Or they give cars to a number of differential modifiers to see what they can come up with. Ok, so what's the bad news? SEMA is strictly a trade show and as such is closed to the general public All this space and very interesting car guy eye candy is only available to a mere 60,000  people. And yes, that is a tear you see me wiping from my eye.

A few samples of the kind of vehicles that show up at this great show........

 How about this Genesis coupe by Bisimoto Engineering? Looks innocent enough, except for the huge radiator and rubber band tires. What gives you ask? The answer is 1000 HP!! Just enough to push this ride to insane performance numbers.

Do your tastes run a little more to the practical, but outdoors side? Then this Toyota Tundra fishing edition should light your fire. Enough room for every hook or lure ever invented. Fish tremor in fear when this creation pulls up to the old fishing hole...........

But you have a fun side as well, so take in one of the outside shows, in this case a demonstration of an off road racing truck doing something in the parking lot.......

Fits right in.

From modern cars to old school customs and hot rods, it is almost impossible not to find every conceivable vehicle and mod on display

Of course, SEMA started out with mostly muscle cars and hot rods, so there will be plenty of those, with many companies showing their "ultimate" Mustang. The last gasp of the current generation, before the 50th anniversary edition is unveiled at Detroit in January.

These days sport compacts are hot, so every imaginable modification is being done from custom paint to rims/tires to engine/exhaust mods. This SEMA version of a 2014 Mazda3 will never be in a Mazda dealer's showroom.

Enough of the impractical toys and you are not an outdoors type, so what could SEMA possibly have for you? You need practical for a growing family and all the running around that is necessary to get from one kids' event to another. Never enough time? I have the answer or I should say, Bisimoto Engineering (remember their Genesis coupe) has the answer.........

A lightly gussied up 2014 Odyssey, lowered with bigger rims/tires...........and a highly modifed motor putting out an earth shattering 1029 HP!!! I don't think that Thule roof rack will slow this piece of insanity down one little bit. The better to make all those soccer games on time. Wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that Honda will be adding this nutbar Odyssey to their line up by Spring. Of course, the warranty will be voided if you enter it in any NHRA events. But, what the hell, it's your money, go for it.

SEMA........the car guy's dream show and only available to me in a dream.

Until next time.......

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