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Monday, March 10, 2014

March 11: Hey Jeep, you are just so cute.

No not you. You are the original down and dirty, go anywhere, take abuse and keep coming back for more, World War II development, that eventually created a world wide sensation. But, oh how things have changed over the past 70+ years. Could you ever have imagined at the time, that these little toughies, would end up as a recreational rock climber or in some cases a full time social climber? The "General Purpose Vehicle" or "GP" or eventually "Jeep", proved itself time and time again.

Stack them like cord wood on their way to stellar battlefield use across the Atlantic or across the Pacific, but get them to the front lines asap.........

Ah, the old days. But what was, has now become what is..........

........a 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8. Who would have thought that the old GP could possibly be the ancestor of this track and strip monster? So where exactly is this blog going? To the very latest, coming to a dealership near you later this year, the shiny new offroader, the Renegade......

This oh so cute little toughie (there's that word again) has charmer written all over it. The Renegade was just introduced at last week's Geneva show. Why Geneva? Simple, Fiat Chrysler expects to build them in Europe and eventually have the bulk of its sales over there as well. This little tyke has some very neat features like roof panels that lift off. Also some hidden things, that don't really do anything, but are interesting quirks. Like what? How about a map of the Moab Desert hidden in the interior. Or this on the alloy wheel.........

See the little red outline of the original warhorse Jeep? There are several other anomalies that Jeep is keeping to themselves, so that it will be a surprise when the customer finds them. I might buy one, just so I'll have something to do between models or books.

How things change over the years. Jeep though, has always remained true to its roots, tough vehicles for rough trails. Who cares that the most offroad that many will be seeing is a dirt driveway.

All hail the rugged Jeeps and welcome their cute new arrival to the world.

Until next time......

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