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Friday, March 7, 2014

March 7: Alfa Romeo "Flying Saucer"

This is one of the original James Bond movies and this pic shows JB, along with a luscious Bond girl, on the bad guy's yacht. Check out that name, Disco Volante. Best I can find, is that it means flying saucer in Italian. What that has to do with a boat I have no idea. But to a car guy, this name relates to a very famous automobile, by a very famous marque. Way back in the early '50's, Alfa Romeo made a coupe and an open sportscar, called the Disco Volante and in its time, it did kind of resemble something from outer space. Take a look........

Unusual looking at any time, but they sure stood out back then. And it became quite famous. A name that deserved to be resurrected..........

First shown a couple of years ago as a concept, Alfa has trotted it out again and announced a very limited production run. Limited? Well, they have built one for a client in dark green and will build others, if requested to (by Arab sheiks?) at something over $500k per (where does that line start?).

Alfa, a very famous name in Europe and of course Italy, has struggled whether to rejoin the fray in the North American market place for several years (they left in the early '90's). Fiat, its owner, has now promised they will be back this year. But back with what? A half million dollar custom? Unlikely.

2007-2010 Competizione
Or another high priced and exclusive ride like the Competizione (1000 built), which was sold here a few years back in extremely limited numbers  -  a couple of dozen? No, the new Alfa will land at selected Maserati dealers (aren't all Maser dealers "selected"?), highlighting the new 4c n both coupe and cabrio versions.......

Ok, so still a higher end and relatively exclusive ride. Fiat has also promised that the much more mainstream Giuletta compact sedans will come to our shores in 2015. I don't see them selling at "selected" Maserati dealerships. Maybe at selected Chrysler stores, as a step up from the boutique like Fiat 500? But then that would put them up against the Dodge Dart, which is based on the Guiletta.

Tough questions for a brand that is trying to re-establish itself in one of the biggest world markets. Do you open new dealerships or piggy back on an existing franchise without undermining either brand? It will be very interesting to see how they do it and whether we will embrace them like we didn't before (excluding Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate). As always time and sales will tell.

Until next time.........

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